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Disneyland 2014: Cars Land

Cars Land was easily one of my top 3 favorite things about Disneyland...possibly even in the #1 slot. Therefore...I took about 1.2 million photos of the place and I still feel like I didn't come close to taking enough or really capturing what it's like to be there. 

 photo IMG_6065_zps5a1260e1.jpgAs I said before, Cars Land is one of the main reasons we chose to go to Disneyland over Disney World for the boys' first Disney park experience.  After seeing Cars Land, I now know that decision was absolutely solid.

I think whether you are a Cars fan or not (and to be clear...we definitely are), you can appreciate Cars Land just because it is a prime example of what Disney does best...a completely immersive, detailed experience. Everything about Cars Land is exquisitely planned out and executed. And from the time you round the corner and turn onto Route 66, you are literally IN Radiator Springs. Right inside the movie. It's completely fun and amazing, and that's why it's so wonderful. I should just leave it at that and let the photos speak for themselves, but I have a feeling I'll say some more...

 photo IMG_5964_zps7ab4e05f.jpg

On our first morning in California Adventure park (the second day of our trip), we headed straight to Cars Land after the "rope drop." A huge line formed immediately for Radiator Springs Racers, so after briefly taking in the atmosphere, we decided to ride Mater's Junkyard Jamboree ride.

 photo IMG_5958_zps6b1f5514.jpg

We all but walked on this ride a total of three times during our two days in this park. The boys loved it and the adults thought it was fun too. It whips you around while you listen to Mater tell jokes and pick songs to play during your ride. The line is filled with Mater's Tall Tales memorabilia, which the boys easily recognized.

 photo IMG_5955_zps59dd656f.jpg

Here's the front of one of those crazy tractors.

 photo IMG_5956_zps19ef873f.jpg

After the ride, we started wandering down the main street...Route 66. We came upon the Cozy Cone motel where we met Lighting McQueen first and then Mater a little bit later.

 photo IMG_5965_zps917a4fe7.jpg

I really wish I had taken the time to take even more photos of all the details...they are infinite and really make Cars Land what it is.

 photo IMG_5966_zps3aacc2a7.jpg

The cones of the motel are actually food service counters...snacks like churros, ice cream, and cone sandwiches.

 photo IMG_5968_zpsf486051a.jpg

 photo IMG_5972_zps55e11c0e.jpg

Lizzie's Radiator Springs Curios is one of the several retail shops in Cars Land. I was actually really impressed with all of the merchandise in the stores. I could have bought 5 t-shirts for each person in our family if I thought we needed them...there were that many that I liked.

 photo IMG_5974_zpsf88e8b25.jpg

 photo IMG_5992_zpsf31b7c83.jpg

Everything in Radiator Springs was exactly where you'd expect it to be if you've seen the Cars movie. It looks exactly the same, which is why you feel like you've stepped into the movie.

 photo IMG_5979_zps7f054b69.jpg

The next ride we did was Luigi's Flying Tires. The line starts right inside Luigi's Casa Della Tires...

 photo IMG_5980_zps68b1591f.jpg

Here we are inside...with no one else in line. We walked right on this one too.

 photo DSCN4645_zpsdda159a5.jpg

But we only rode it once. Although it was fun, this hover-style ride just didn't inspire a second turn.

 photo IMG_3929_zpsd3ec5618.jpg

Here's Mimi and Casey and Ethan running into each other. When the tires got moving, it was pretty fun to glide around. But there's no have to make it move by leaning. Even if you get the hang of it, it's still kind of difficult and not very thrilling. I'm glad we rode it once. But just take a look at the tire topiaries in the line. And the collection of hub caps on the fence.

 photo IMG_5988_zpse883f24d.jpg

This ride, lit up at night with those lights strung across the whole thing, is actually beautiful.

 photo IMG_5989_zpsfb56def0.jpg

 photo IMG_5981_zps59e65d01.jpg

 photo IMG_5978_zps5990d66b.jpg

 photo IMG_5994_zpsc2a6abb9.jpg

We had to pay our respects to Stanley. Logan was protesting this photo.

 photo IMG_5996_zpsbd7bba20.jpg

I loved this mural and I wish I'd taken the time to get a better shot of it. But I was being called into line for Radiator Springs Racers where the rest of my family was waiting for me.

 photo IMG_5999_zpsd5c220a8.jpg

 photo IMG_6001_zps7a733436.jpg

The rocks and cliffs of Radiator Springs are insanely realistic looking. And beautiful. The cactus are all least all the ones I saw were.

 photo IMG_6003_zpse1048ac1.jpg

This is the Radiator Spring that inspired Stanley to start the town...and this little piece of town history is my favorite gem in the line of Radiator Springs Racers...and there are many.

 photo IMG_6010_zps7e603acd.jpg

Lots of little signs and information about the history of Radiator Springs.

 photo DSCN4665_zps54a09145.jpg

And then there's the ride itself. This was one of my favorite moments of the ride. We are riding in our car past the bridge and waterfall from the movie with the corresponding music playing. It was like sight-seeing with a soundtrack.

 photo IMG_6015blog_zps77017498.jpg

These are just a few shots of the outside portion of the ride. The inside was actually my favorite, but I didn't take any photos. I was just too busy enjoying it...and we rode it twice. Probably my favorite ride of all between both of the parks at Disneyland.

 photo IMG_6024_zps9b5b2ef0.jpg

 photo IMG_6026_zps4276d352.jpg

It's just absolutely fantastic how breathtaking they've made this landscape.

 photo IMG_6028_zps8f5028db.jpg

This is the view when you exit the ride and head back into Radiator Springs.

 photo IMG_6030_zps1105ad40.jpg

 photo DSCN4674_zpsb6da7ee1.jpg

 photo IMG_6031_zps324abd4c.jpg

 photo IMG_6032_zps60849922.jpg

 photo IMG_6034_zpsa7c00962.jpg

 photo IMG_6036blog_zps4e3beb4a.jpg

 photo IMG_6038_zps118f315b.jpg

 photo IMG_6039_zpsea5896e2.jpg

We had already met Lighting earlier in the day but the boys got to wave at him as he passed us on the street on the way to a break.

 photo IMG_6041_zpsa9f6d82f.jpg

We stopped to have our photo taken by one of the Photo Pass photographers.

 photo Photo0058FourBySix_zps0343de6a.jpg

And then we ate at Flo's V8 Cafe for lunch. It was so fun to eat at the gas pumps and to "fill up" our tanks at Flo's. We all loved it. And not just because of the awesome atmosphere...the food was good too. Sliced turkey, corn, green beans and rolls. Macaroni and cheese for the boys. Yum.

 photo IMG_6063_zpsf5b3ad64.jpg

 photo IMG_6058_zpsbd0e7153.jpg

Sarge's Surplus Hut was another retail space. The boys each bought a replica car from the Radiator Springs Racers ride from here with their souvenir money.

 photo IMG_6044_zps49fd04af.jpg

 photo IMG_6045_zpsf79fe924.jpg

Filmore's place was a colorful snack and drink spot.

 photo IMG_6046_zpsf22828d7.jpg

 photo IMG_6067_zps05b6dd4c.jpg

 photo IMG_6050_zpscea68e08.jpg

 photo IMG_6066_zpsb87f0a66.jpg

 photo Photo0071FourBySix_zpsd14bd25c.jpg

 photo Photo0083FourBySixa_zps524b6d26.jpg

On our second day in California Adventure (day 4 of our trip), I took the boys back into Cars Land by myself while Casey and my mom saved us spots nearby for the Pixar Play Parade. I didn't take my camera with me on this trip, so I only had my phone to catch this shot of DJ and his dance party in the middle of the street. The boys were thrilled that they got to see him.

 photo IMG_3980_zps9431f56d.jpg

Later on that second day, after dinner, we ventured back into Cars Land to ride Radiator Springs Racers for a second time. It was fun to see Radiator Springs in the late afternoon as the sun was moving lower. The last time we'd been there in the morning.

 photo IMG_6923_zps1b4f170f.jpg

 photo IMG_6276_zpsff6c563e.jpg

 photo IMG_6928_zps3944f29f.jpg

We waited in line a little longer the second time, but we knew it was worth it. The boys actually were experts at waiting in line at this point in the trip. And the adults had figured out a few tricks to make it more pleasant for all of us...the most important was to keep the boys separated by one of us. If they stood together, they fought. Every time. If they were separated, they chatted and had a great time.

 photo IMG_6931_zps757df6cb.jpg

When we got off the ride, the neon lights of Radiator Springs had been turned on...just as we'd hoped!

 photo IMG_6949a_zps30c98357.jpg

 photo IMG_6952_zps6e50eb4f.jpg

The sun had not completely gone down yet, but the lights were already impressive.

 photo IMG_6957_zps5ac3dd23.jpg

 photo IMG_6959_zpsd52fdb59.jpg

I remember Sally's reaction to the lights being fixed in the Cars movie, and now I understand...they are truly amazing.

 photo IMG_6960_zps1a25da92.jpg

Too bad I didn't have a tripod to work with for these shots. And it's not easy to expose for the neon and the surrounding areas at the same time. So, my photos don't really capture what Radiator Springs looks like at night. But just know that it's stunning.

 photo IMG_6962_zpsa82131fb.jpg

We stayed after dark for quite a, taking photos, and taking it all in. It was fun to see fewer and fewer people around as everyone left the park for the night. We stayed after official closing time. I don't feel like I have to say a lot about the remaining photos...they pretty much speak for themselves. 

 photo IMG_6967_zps4d52e6c6.jpg

 photo IMG_6970_zps8153e161.jpg

 photo IMG_6977_zps2099e609.jpg

 photo IMG_6982_zps305c2bee.jpg

 photo IMG_6985_zps2f4f2baf.jpg

 photo IMG_6987_zps0d0d67a1.jpg

 photo IMG_6992_zpsbd0aed8a.jpg

 photo IMG_6994_zps8f36e62c.jpg

 photo IMG_7007_zpsda49d026.jpg

 photo IMG_7009_zps7bac44d5.jpg

 photo IMG_7013_zps7be279b5.jpg

 photo IMG_7019_zpsbbce5b18.jpg

 photo IMG_7018_zps029ca880.jpg

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