Sunday, July 20, 2014

St. Thomas 2014: Day 2

After a somewhat lazy morning on our second day in St. Thomas, we all ventured out to shop in Charlotte Amalie. There is a plethora of shops and even an outdoor market. We've been here many times before so we kind of knew where we wanted to look. 

 photo DX0A0263_zpse5be18a0.jpg

One such shop was a place my parents have been going to for years. They and the owner know each other very well by this point. We did actually make a few (unexpected) purchases here. 

 photo DX0A0264_zpse1dbec9d.jpg

All I was really looking for were two bean bag-type lizards that I could take home for the boys. I had seen them sold years before, but I could not find even one this time. We settled for getting the boys shark tooth necklaces, which they thought were so cool. 

 photo DX0A0268_zps5431ad5d.jpg

We stopped to have a nice outdoor lunch. We all ordered pizza...which was wood-fired and highly anticipated. Especially by me since my order was not put in with the rest. So, I watched everyone eat while my pizza cooked. When I finally tasted it, it was very good. 

 photo DX0A0271_zps387855ce.jpg

After we finished up downtown, we went up to Paradise Point to have a look down at Charlotte Amalie, the cruise ship docks, and to have a drink. 

 photo DX0A0293a_zps02ebfba1.jpg

 photo DX0A0296_zps5b809301.jpg

 photo DX0A0310_zps980c38cc.jpg

On our way back to the house we stopped at another lookout point with an amazing panoramic view.

 photo DX0A0322_zpsdef1b69d.jpg

 photo DX0A0668_zps52f536ce.jpg

This spot was looking back the other way at the cruise ship dock.

 photo DX0A0667_zpsf1ca1bd8.jpg

We spent the late afternoon and evening at the house...doing this...

 photo DX0A0326_zps3857fb25.jpg

Crazy beautiful, right? I'm still trying to figure out why I came back. Maybe my children. 

 photo DX0A0330_zps1e0902f7.jpg

Even at night it was gorgeous...

 photo DX0A0368_zps5a579ad7.jpg

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