Friday, August 01, 2014

At the Lake House with the Cookes

We were actually able to find a weekend this summer to go to the lake house with most of Casey's immediate family, plus his grandparents. Everyone came out Friday night and we got started with the fun first thing on Saturday morning with a boat ride.

 photo DX0A1083_zpsb1ac1a3b.jpg

It takes a bit of effort to get people all ready, sunscreened (I'm making that a word), outfitted, and out of the house. So, we were (or at least I was) a little pooped before we even got going. Thankfully, my main job on the boat was to photograph and make sure no small children went overboard. No big deal. 

 photo DX0A1094_zpsa9b17ebd.jpg

Both of our boys were so ready to get going by this time that they couldn't even bring themselves to turn around for a photo. Must look at the water...

 photo DX0A1119_zpsd1edf7ec.jpg

After driving around for a bit (heading to Hell's Gate), the engine warning light and sound came on. It was a piercing sound that would not be ignored. And we hadn't even started the tubing yet. But, after a little poking around, it seemed that the engine had just gotten overheated a little. We cooled it off by staying put for a while and then taking it easy when driving. Finally, after we felt like it might be okay, we let all the boys pile into the huge tube and have some fun. 

 photo DX0A1133_zpsf6bc235c.jpg

They definitely had some fun...

 photo DX0A1171_zps7566f0fa.jpg

And the adults had fun watching them. I have no idea why Casey and his dad are holding the ropes. I suppose so they don't go over and drag behind the boat...but why not just store them? Oh, well...they seem to be enjoying themselves...and looking like we are actually on a sail boat. 

 photo DX0A1176_zpsf2432fc3.jpg

This is one of two photos of me from the entire weekend...thanks to my sister-in-law Chelsea for both of those photos. 

 photo DX0A1193_zpsf1302736.jpg

Casey and his brother, Jeff, took turns driving the boat. Both great captains. 

 photo DX0A1216_zpsa20c09d1.jpg

Papaw took turns holding his grandchildren. He's great at that too. 

 photo DX0A1226_zps0c2ff1c5.jpg

Of course Logan needed a snack. He's chilling next to uncle Jeff too. 

 photo DX0A1292_zps921144d9.jpg

Here's a photo of all the cousins. Minus Jack (who was 3 months old and taking a nap) and Colby, the oldest cousin who was with aunt Linda (his mom) on a mission trip. 

 photo DX0A1313_zps33efa46d.jpg

Later that afternoon, after we'd had lunch and a little rest time, the boys were begging to go to the pool. It's like they have endless energy. Throw a little food their way and they are good to go. So go we did. 

 photo DX0A1346_zps83d2e96b.jpg

Memaw and Papaw Cooke were there for the weekend too. They stayed behind and didn't ride on the boat, but they came out to the pool to watch the kiddos swim. 

 photo DX0A1378_zps0cd62094.jpg

Logan is super-proud of his swimming prowess now that he can do it by himself. 

 photo DX0A1421_zps834403fa.jpg

When you've got two uncles and a Papaw around to toss kids in the air, you know it's going to happen. Ethan, being the lightest of the three boys willing to be thrown, got up pretty high...

 photo DX0A1437_zps74371786.jpg

And it's hardly a surprise that the boys tossed around the sponge football in the pool for a very long time. 

 photo DX0A1478_zps28fc727a.jpg

When Logan got tired of showing off his swimming skills in the big pool, he splashed around the toddler pool with Papaw and cousin Avery for a while. 

 photo DX0A1534_zpsdc083098.jpg

The bigger boys practiced their jumps. 

 photo DX0A1570_zpsf7a6fc61.jpg

After a full, full day of activity, even after dinner we were not done yet. Because...s'mores. They don't look tired at all, do they?

 photo DX0A1584_zps54251491.jpg

 photo DX0A1586_zps7fc46d2d.jpg

Time to begin...

 photo DX0A1591_zps6f431438.jpg

Ethan's technique is to stay as far away from the fire as possible while still warming (not toasting) his marshmallow. 

 photo DX0A1592_zpsaf6285e1.jpg

Logan may actually be asleep. Anyone who has looked at a fire for a while knows just how mesmerizing it can be. Especially when you're tired already. He's not even trying to warm his marshmallows. 

 photo DX0A1598_zps0e70aa64.jpg

But he perks up when his s'more is ready to eat. Yes, there is still energy for that. 

 photo DX0A1599_zps072aa508.jpg

Both of the boys came to life for the eating part. Not that I blame them. Chocolate (and the other ingredients...but really the chocolate) motivates me as well. 

 photo DX0A1605_zps089bea0e.jpg

Casey's dad and Papaw Cooke are part of the Cooke Brothers musical group...and they specialize in Bluegrass music. But, they can also sing without instruments. And Casey and his brother Jeff joined in for a few rounds of a capella singing. More than a few rounds, actually. 

 photo DX0A1643_zps4842e6e6.jpg

We played around the fire until after dark, getting sticky and messy and really tired. Sometime after dark we shut the party down (at least for my kids) and put them to bed. I think they fell asleep before their heads hit the pillow. 

 photo DX0A1660_zps75bc8459.jpg

The next morning was Sunday and we all had "church" at the table. Then everyone started leaving throughout the day. This was such a great weekend to get together and just relax and have fun. There's nothing like creating memories with your cousins (and other relatives) during the summer at a lake house. It's so true it's almost cliche. And we'll have to do it again. 

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