Friday, June 20, 2014

Cedar Creek Lake and High School Friends

Near the beginning of June, a couple of my friends and I got together with our families at Cedar Creek Lake. My friend Christina has a lake house there...or her parents do. They were gracious enough to allow us to bombard the place for a whole day with all 8 of our children.

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I love these ladies....Mary and Christina. I love that they have known me a long time (since we were 14/15) and knew me before I met Casey or had kids...we were in high school together. I love that we make the effort to get together about once a year to catch up. 

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Here's the lovely house as seen from the boat dock. You can also see how low the lake is right is the plight of ALL Texas lakes. As if out of character, we actually experienced a lot of rain that day. See how it's overcast and cloudy?

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And here is our crazy crew...minus the two babies who were up at the house. Notice how they're all boys? Yep, there's just one girl among all of them...Christina's daughter. 

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Christina and her parents had set up a slip n' slide for the kids at the house, which was super fun because they have quite a nice slope to the back yard. The kids played on that for a while as the adults decided we should try to get out on the boat just in case it rained the rest of the day. 

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That first boat ride was pleasantly cool as the gathering storm clouds completely blocked out any sun. The kids didn't mind, though. Most of the time we could find them up in the front asking Jonathan (Christina's husband) to drive faster!

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Jonathan was even kind enough to let Logan drive for a little while. 

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We kept a watch on the clouds and when it started to sprinkle, we took that as our cue to head back in to the house. Luckily, it was about time for lunch anyway so we fired up the grill and ate...all while a big storm rolled through. It poured rain and even blew it in sideways onto the deck. We were all so glad to see the rain, though, knowing our current drought situation. 

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After the storm passed, the clouds miraculously parted and the sun came out. It didn't rain again all day. So we got to enjoy the best of both worlds...a big, awesome rain storm, and a nice, sunny day for being on the lake. Jonathan got out his fishing gear and patiently showed the boys how to toss the line out. 

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Then the jet ski was set loose and everyone (that wanted to...not me) took a turn zipping around the lake. Casey took each of our boys separately. 

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He said that he went at top speed the whole time with both boys and that they totally loved it.

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While waiting his turn, Logan attempted fishing...I was really afraid he was going to drop the whole thing in the water, but he didn't. 

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This is the view of the lake and boat house from the deck of the house. Isn't it crazy how the day cleared up and the sun is so bright? But you can still see the wet deck from all the rain a few minutes before. 

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Since the rain was long gone, we got out on the boat again and tried tubing this time. Of course, it was a big hit. 

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After a good long while out on the boat again, we came back to the house and swam in the lake off the dock. 

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Ethan will find any place to jump into water. 

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This was such a fun, relaxing day to spend with our families and good friends. Thanks to Christina for giving us a place to gather for the whole day. It's a treat to get to spend this much time together.

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