Monday, June 16, 2014

New Neighborhood Trail

When we moved into our new house this March, one of the things I was looking forward to was having a walk/run/bike trail again. We had one at our very first house and didn't at our last house. I remember pushing Ethan in his stroller on the path at our first house when he was a tiny baby. I loved that trail. It didn't take us long to venture out on the trail at our new house...and it also leads to a park/playground. 

This particular day was not our first time out, but it was the first time I took photos. I even decided to take some of Casey and me with the boys before we set out. 

 photo IMG_8739_zps1760d0fb.jpg

This time we didn't go all the way to the park, which takes us through the more wooded part of the favorite part. This time, we stuck to the first 1/3 of the trail which runs alongside the streets immediately surrounding our house. Having this long stretch of pavement to ride their bikes is like heaven to the boys...and they don't have to watch for cars. 

 photo IMG_8746_zps9743f34a.jpg

I brought Duke along too...because he likes to do anything we are doing. 

 photo IMG_8751_zpsd6aa4532.jpg

This day in early June was so nice. We have had the mildest summer that I can remember. I love warm weather, but I have not minded that it hasn't been suffocatingly HOT this year. At least for very many days. 

 photo IMG_8759_zps6553a909.jpg

The orange mesh fence in the background belies all the construction still going on in our neighborhood. In most of these shots, you can't tell at all, but it's definitely there. 

 photo IMG_8765_zpsa3687e02.jpg

Beautiful blue skies and a nice, cool breeze. It really was a gorgeous day. 

 photo IMG_8770_zps186ba5d8.jpg

The boys took a break to love on Duke. He really wanted me to let him run around with the boys, but he's still "unpredictable" when off his leash (outside with no fence). Let's just put it that way. 

 photo IMG_8783_zpsd890ddd4.jpg

But he was still pretty happy to sit by me and watch the boys. 

 photo IMG_8794_zps35ce5fed.jpg

 photo IMG_8835_zps9b3f76aa.jpg

I love Logan's little red cheeks in this photo. And I took it because he was using that radio all the time...talking into it and relaying messages to us. 

 photo IMG_8843_zps2862a5fc.jpg

When I look at this photo of Ethan, I think about how the boys live in Crocs 75% of the year. And they would wear them in the dead of winter if I would let them (and sometimes I do). If you had asked me 6 years ago if my children would wear Crocs a majority of the time, I would have laughed in your face. But it's strange what a few years of constant care for children will do to your idea of appropriate and cute footwear for children. Basically, I love that they come in their favorite colors (green and blue) so that they love them. I love that they are super easy to put on, take off, and they are lightweight. And also, they are the easiest shoe to clean in the world. Scrubbable. Not a characteristic I would have thought to look for in a shoe before having kids. 

 photo IMG_8845_zps9e09069c.jpg

So, back to the trail...I foresee more walking and biking (probably not runs) on this trail in the future and I am looking forward to it!

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