Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ethan's Kindergarten Graduation

Ethan's graduated from Kindergarten in May and the school had a little ceremony to celebrate. I'll be perfectly honest here and say that I think Kindergarten graduations are a little silly and unnecessary, but I'm not that grumpy about it. Apparently, they're a thing now, so I just go with it. I guess we all made it through his first year of full-time school, so that IS something to celebrate. 

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We are certainly very proud of our big boy and how he works so hard. But especially how we hear time and time again that he is a good, kind friend to others. Of that we are most proud. 

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His little brother is proud of him too and wants to be just like Ethan. Had I known what revealed itself just a few minutes later, I would not have let Ethan kiss Logan, but details on that later. 

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Around the back of the cafeteria, where the ceremony was held, they had the kids' art work posted with writings about their Kindergarten year. Ethan wrote, "This year in Kindergarten I learned new animals. I liked music. In first grade I am looking forward to maybe a class pet." 

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Here's the entire Kindergarten class, made up of three different classes. Ethan is toward the middle on the second row. It's kind of hard to distinguish between the kids since they're all dressed in white. 

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One of the kids from his class was standing right in front of him and unknowingly, kept blocking our view of Ethan. Not his fault, but he is a few inches taller than would have thought they would have been in opposite places. But, we still got to see Ethan and all of the really cute songs they had prepared. 

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The kids were really serious about their performances, and for a bunch of Kindergartners, they did a really great job at singing and performing. I was actually really impressed. Kudos to the music teacher, I guess!

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After the brief performance, each kid got to walk across the stage and receive their "diploma" or certificate from the principal, Mrs. Crawford. Ethan's teacher read a few things she had written about him and the character trait that he best displayed this past year...honesty (if I remember correctly). He also got the music award from his music teacher. 

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After the graduation, the kids in Ethan's class all gathered around their teacher, Mrs. Mida for some photos and farewells for the summer. We really were blessed for her to be his teacher this year. As I've said before, we knew Mrs. Mida before since she and I grew up at the same church and her parents knew mine. She was even one of my counselors at church camp! I know the adjective, "sweet" is overused (especially by me), but it really fits when describing Mrs. Mida. She's incredibly good at what she does and is a very caring teacher. 

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Mimi and Pop came to the graduation too...despite Mimi's knee surgery/procedure earlier that day! Seriously, you can see the wrap on her leg in the photo. That's dedication! Ethan sure was thrilled that they were there to see him graduate. 

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An account of this particular evening can not be complete without describing the "details" to which I alluded earlier. Basically, Logan had caught a stomach bug that made itself apparent right during the middle of this graduation ceremony. He was restless and irritable, which honestly, can be like him, but I had a feeling something was up. Nonetheless, I was irritated at him for being disruptive and took him to the water fountain twice because he kept saying he was thirsty. 

On the third time, Casey was with him and he threw up all over the floor right in front of the boys restroom. Of course. Then Casey brought him back into the auditorium to tell me what happened. Thankfully, Ethan had already received his diploma and we were on the third class of kids. So, I handed my camera over to my dad (I think) and took Logan straight to the car. He had some grossness on him (clothes and shoes) but was temporarily feeling better. So, I missed getting to see Ethan right after the ceremony and take pictures of him with his class and teacher. But all in all, I got to see most of it. And when we got home, Logan promptly threw up again...on the floor of the kitchen. After that, we were much better at getting him to the toilet in time. But, poor thing...that continued all night. I don't think I can think about Ethan's graduation without thinking about Logan's stomach bug, unfortunately. It was both a good and bad night for us. 

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