Monday, September 22, 2014

Ethan is SIX

Ethan turned six in May, but I just now got around to taking his yearly photos. I actually look forward to these little photo shoots with the boys. They are usually fun for both of us and this one was no exception. But the summer really got away from me and I just didn't get it done until now.

 photo DX0A2132_zps3abe514a.jpg

 photo DX0A2149_zps50f65520.jpg

Excuse me, but this handsome young man cannot possibly be my little boy. 

 photo DX0A2159_zpsa93550c6.jpg

He's still got a goofy and silly streak for sure. But he's also serious, sensitive, and conscientious. 

 photo DX0A2185_zps0fd8c2cb.jpg

 photo DX0A2194_zps77cb3b01.jpg

At Ethan's 6 year appointment, which we did back at the beginning of June, he was 48.2 pounds (61%), and 47.5 inches tall (81%). 

 photo DX0A2202_zps6e7e4a1f.jpg

This is the interview that I do with the boys every year on their birthday:

How old are you?  6

What makes you happy?  When mommy and daddy give me kisses.

What is your favorite food?  Grapes

What is your favorite thing to do with Logan?  Play Paw Patrol and Cars

Who are your friends?  Blake, Ashton, Logan, Duke, and Koren

What is your favorite color?  Blue

What is your favorite animal?  Dog

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A dad

What is your favorite toy?  Paw Patrol cars, stuffed animals (still going strong on that one)

Where is your favorite place to go?  Target (Ha!)

What is your favorite book?  Magic Tree House Books

What is your favorite show?  Paw Patrol or Sheriff Callie

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Christina said...

What a big boy! So cute!