Thursday, September 11, 2014

Logan's First Day of Pre-K (Preschool)

This Tuesday Logan started his last year of preschool. I don't think I realized the impact of that statement until I typed it out just now. I can't believe this is my last year to do preschool stuff. But look how tall and proud he is. Definitely ready for this year. 

 photo DX0A2101_zps72f5f446.jpg

Our little pre-K cutie was more than ready for school to start. Ethan has been in school for about a month now, and Logan has asked me every other day when he gets to go to school. 

 photo DX0A2107_zpsa38f0972.jpg

And now, I must back up and tell the story behind this next photo. After I snapped the photos above, we went to the urgent care down the road to have a facial cut looked at on Logan. The night before his first night of school (of course) I woke up to someone crying. I got out of bed (because it sounded bad) and met Logan at the top of the stairs. Almost immediately I knew something was wrong just because of how he sounded. Then, I noticed the blood. I could hardly get any information out of him because he was crying so hard. Finally, he told me he had fallen out of bed, and I figured out that he had hit his face on his bedside table on the way down. It was about 4 am, so I had a look at the cut and bandaged it up as best I could and gave Logan some Tylenol. I laid down with him in bed and he went back to sleep pretty quickly. 

The next morning, Casey had a look at the cut and thought it might need stitches. Especially since it was on his face. I was not so sure, but we took him in anyway. He really didn't act like it bothered him at all. But you can see the linear bruising on his face in this photo too. Poor buddy! Not a great way to start the school year. 

 photo photo_zps2e5c0377.jpg

After getting the cut glued shut (no stitches) and a steri strip to hold it closed as well, we went off to his first day of school...about an hour and a half after school had started. 

 photo DX0A2114_zpsec9babe8.jpg

Logan found his basket and put his backpack inside. Doesn't he look so excited to start school? He was SO thrilled. 

 photo DX0A2116_zps904d95be.jpg

Since the day had already started for his class we were limited on our first-day photos. I quickly explained to the teacher why he was late and Casey helped Logan find his seat. 

 photo DX0A2121_zpsb72daeff.jpg

I wasn't able to get a photo of Logan with his teachers, Mrs. Robyn and Mrs. Melanie, because of our lateness, but they did tell me to take some photos of Logan in his seat before we left. And despite his rough night and trip to the ER that morning, he gave us quick hugs and waved goodbye to us with no issues. 

 photo DX0A2123_zps61e49a42.jpg

When I picked him up that afternoon, they said he had a great day. And that was his report to me as well. I plan to soak up every bit of preschool-ness this year has to offer.

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