Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Arboretum's 12 Days of Christmas

On Monday, since the boys are both out of school for Thanksgiving break, my mom and I decided to go see the 12 Days of Christmas exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum. We saw them installing it when we were there earlier this fall for the pumpkin village and knew we'd like to come back and have a look.

We always try to arrive right at opening time. It allows for the easiest parking, no entry lines, and practically no people inside. That's how we like to do it. 

 photo DX0A4315_zpsbe5c186b.jpg

Ethan brought along a friend, as usual, and found a place for him to ride along. 

 photo DX0A4318_zpsff00860e.jpg

We loved the exhibit. The boys thought it was cool, but my mom and I were far more interested in the details of each gazebo than they were! But they were mostly happy to just run around while we looked. 

 photo DX0A4322_zps531baf0d.jpg

We thought each "day" was so well done. The gazebos were beautiful and individually themed. They all held to a Victorian style that we thought was perfect. 

 photo DX0A4324_zpsfa8a6d87.jpg

In this photo you can see days 5, 6, and 7. 

 photo DX0A4327_zpsd662c741.jpg

 photo DX0A4336_zps58cb1c9e.jpg

The details inside each one were definitely something to take a few minutes to look at. The seven swans a swimming was probably our favorite one. Decked out in white, crystals, and icicles, it was stunning. And probably even more-so at night. 

 photo DX0A4348a_zps1d0e8ad3.jpg

 photo DX0A4355_zpse1193056.jpg

We got a special exhibit map at the information desk before entering the park this time so we would be sure to visit the pavilions in order and not miss any. The boys fought over the map. But they also had fun trying to read it and lead us to the next gazebo. 

 photo DX0A4361_zps7778d14d.jpg

As you can see by our warm coats, it was a chilly morning. But also a gorgeous one. 

 photo DX0A4364a_zps450ce39e.jpg

In addition to the swimming swans, the 9 ladies dancing was probably my other favorite. Each dress was amazing in detail and style. They were each a different color and were beautiful. Logan looks thrilled. 

 photo DX0A4373_zpsa865441b.jpg

A benefit of practically no people without people in them. And we were able to visit each pavilion/gazebo on our own. No one else was there while we were looking. It was nice. 

 photo DX0A4382_zps789f2ce1.jpg

Each day had a sign just in case you didn't remember the song lyrics. And speaking of songs...there was music at each one too that complemented that particular theme. 

 photo DX0A4385_zps3b2f64ab.jpg

Ten Lords A-Leaping was a fun display because the Lords were ice skating and their coat tails and scarves were all billowing behind them as they spun around. 

 photo DX0A4388_zps7c1c5903.jpg

Eleven pipers piping was another favorite because it featured bag pipers. And bag pipe music, which has a history in my family owing probably to some Scottish heritage. The kilts and plaid were nice and so was the music. The boys thought it was cool. 

 photo DX0A4396_zps1e4c7293.jpg

My mom and I really enjoyed this exhibit. I hope they do it again. And maybe we will be able to do a night-viewing next time. Even the boys had fun traipsing around, reading the map, and looking at the displays. It was a fun morning, but after we had seen all the gazebos, we made our way back to the entrance because our day was just beginning...

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Christina said...

Wow - those are so beautiful! We need to get down there. You guys have been busy!