Monday, November 03, 2014

Trick or Treating 2014

After we were done carving pumpkins, the boys were more than ready to change into their costumes. We hung out for just a little while and had some dinner while waiting for (close to) sunset time. 

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This year we got to Trick or Treat in our new neighborhood, which was really fun. It's always fun when people just give you candy, I suppose, but we got to meet a lot of neighbors that we hadn't yet. We've been meeting people as they move in on our end of the street (we were the first ones here), but our street is fairly long. So, the opposite end from us were people we didn't really know yet.

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For some reason, Logan was having trouble with staying on the sidewalk. Sigh. 

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Their faces when they left each house were priceless...

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Ethan is playing it cool like a pilot. It was funny because he kept looking out over his glasses like that. He wanted to wear them so badly to complete his costume, but it was getting dark outside. 

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Screaming, yelling and running are all a part of Trick or Treating too...however foreign that may be to me personally! 

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It got dark really fast, which makes it all the better. Everyone was so friendly and's one of the great things about Halloween, I think. Besides that it's pretty great that there are kids everywhere running around in costume. 

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When we had made a fairly decent circuit around our neighborhood (really only a small part of it...we only need so much candy), we came back home and the boys sat on the porch prepared to hand out more candy. 

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They were so thrilled when kids would show up. I was amused at their conversations. After a short while we left our candy bowl out (which was totally empty by 9 pm) and started baths and bedtime for our boys. It really was a successful Trick or Treating experience. 

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