Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014 at the Cookes

When we arrived at Nonnie and Papaw's house it was almost time for lunch. While the last minute preparations were being made, the boys all played outside on the trampoline. Thank goodness for beautiful Texas weather!

 photo DX0A7090_zps6gbsp4xb.jpg

Lots of presents just waiting to be opened!

 photo DX0A7094_zpsy0zcszea.jpg

We had a wonderful lunch and then the boys played with this game pad while waiting for Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Chad to arrive. 

 photo DX0A7097_zps8rs1srxq.jpg

When everyone was assembled, and after a LONG time of passing out presents, the opening began! We always start with the kids first because they've been waiting, and this year we went youngest to oldest. So, the boys had to wait for their baby cousin Jack (8 months) and cousin Avery (2 years) to open presents before them. And, being babies, they took their time in opening their gifts! The boys were really SO patient and watched their cousins. I was really proud of them. 

 photo DX0A7108_zpsnd1ginws.jpg

Then it was Mr. Logan's turn. 

 photo DX0A7115_zpsq9fmliwx.jpg

Ethan helped him with reading things. 

 photo DX0A7118_zps8vp94pa2.jpg

 photo DX0A7121_zpsyvbs2job.jpg

Next, it was Ethan's turn. He's showing his "coupons" to Lego Land and Chuck e Cheese from Nonnie and Papaw. 

 photo DX0A7132_zpssvwexjel.jpg

 photo DX0A7145_zpscu9txeyg.jpg

After all the presents were opened, some of them put together, and played with...all the boys went outside to enjoy more of the pleasant weather. We got home well past bedtime that night and everyone was exhausted from our Christmas fun!

 photo DX0A7157_zpshts3fo1j.jpg

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