Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Eve and Morning at Our House: 2014

After getting home from celebrating at Mimi and Pop's house, we took showers quickly and changed into our Christmas pajamas.

 photo DX0A6909_zpszzzzfufz.jpg

The boys each picked out one of the sugar cookies they made for Santa. He's a lucky guy...he gets two cookies. 

 photo DX0A6912_zpsonbc6dxq.jpg

 photo DX0A6918_zpsg49cpog7.jpg

We poured a glass of milk too (of course) and the boys left it on our special cookies and milk mat for Santa by the fire place. Then, we had to keep Duke away since all of that was well within his reach. 

 photo DX0A6904_zps5hgfynuu.jpg

And as per our tradition, the boys took down their stockings and picked a place to put them in the living room where Santa would leave all their goodies...inside and outside of their stockings. 

 photo DX0A6936_zpsmcha2mez.jpg

 photo DX0A6937_zps6l3uy9mv.jpg

After the stockings were placed, we read The Night Before Christmas and went off to bed. The next morning, we saw that Santa had been here!

 photo DX0A6946_zpsolpnvaoo.jpg

 photo DX0A6945_zps7shqo6zn.jpg

The boys came down the stairs holding hands, which was just too cute. Logan had still been asleep, but we didn't make Ethan wait...we let him wake his brother up this one time!

 photo DX0A6948_zps5kieh8ft.jpg

They were SO excited to see all of their Harry Potter stuff! They each had a big Lego set and of course, robes, ties, and wands.

 photo DX0A6953_zpsa7abalmt.jpg

 photo DX0A6955_zpszrejgsjr.jpg

This is Ethan's face upon discovering that his wand makes noise and lights up when you move it. I don't think he was expecting that!

 photo DX0A6956_zpsgu4xtezp.jpg

 photo DX0A6959_zpszgsjnhnh.jpg

How did Santa know we wanted those Olaf water bottles we saw in Target? That Santa...he's good.

 photo DX0A6965_zpsfqfe0i9o.jpg

He knew they had their eyes on the Minion stuffed characters too. 

 photo DX0A6973_zpsc9z7zoqb.jpg

Harry and Ron got all dressed up after looking through the stuff Santa had brought them. 

 photo DX0A6987_zpscr3ns54s.jpg

 photo DX0A6992_zpspg4aaof3.jpg

Daddy had taken another slo-mo video of them brandishing their wands...and it was great fun to watch. 

 photo DX0A7008_zps3fegk4pv.jpg

 photo DX0A7013_zpsfpmt6mmj.jpg

Then, it was time to pass out all of our gifts to each other. Harry and Ron read the labels and got them to the right person. 

 photo DX0A7017_zpsn6qpqxvd.jpg

 photo DX0A7020_zpsmxntcw7w.jpg

Logan and Ethan got each other gifts too. It was so cute to see them open their gifts from their brother and then give them a hug and a "thank you." Sweet. 

 photo DX0A7042_zpsmb7ebibf.jpg

Daddy appreciated his gift too....his favorite lounge shirts and socks. 

 photo DX0A7052_zps0ft6mose.jpg

This was how my package from the boys was labeled...literally labeled by my own label maker. 

 photo DX0A7054_zpsftmf3oyy.jpg

Pink polka dot rain boots!

 photo DX0A7062_zpsaqstg7ve.jpg

The boys got Duke a couple of gifts too, which he went right to work enjoying. 

 photo DX0A7069_zpsrnhyy0d2.jpg

After all of our presents were opened, we ate our traditional Christmas breakfast together...cinnamon streusel muffins, hash brown egg bake, and sausage balls. Then, we all got ready to head to Nonnie and Papaw's house for Christmas Day festivities!

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