Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Cookies | 2014

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Making cut out sugar cookies at Christmas is one of my favorite traditions. I'm not sure involves several steps, lots of flour and sprinkles everywhere, and a huge clean-up. But, I still love it. 

The boys look forward to it too. Ethan is throwing the butter into the bowl with a flourish. 

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Then carefully adding the almond extract. We use this recipe from Bake at 350. It's the best. 

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Logan adds the vanilla. They take turns adding ingredients. 

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This year they got to take a turn with the hand mixer. Yes, I am old school and still don't have a stand mixer. 

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They did a really good job with it. 

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Then we added dry ingredients. 

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Rolling out the dough is fun. We have to take turns since we only have one rolling pin. 

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Ethan rolled his out all by himself this year. 

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It's not really fun unless you're covered in flour. 

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After the cookies had baked and cooled, we returned for the decorating part. 

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I always use store-bought icing. Like I said, these cookies already have a lot of steps. I don't like to add to that by making the icing too. 

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They each decorated several cookies. I asked them to choose their three favorites that they did and show them to me. Here are Logan's...

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Then, they got to choose one of their cookies to eat. Logan approves of the taste.

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And Ethan's cookies...

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What a cutie smile. I love baking with these two. 

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