Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Lights | 2014

This year, for a project at school, Ethan listed "looking at Christmas lights" as his favorite Christmas tradition. So, even though we left it until just a few days before Christmas, we were sure to include it in our Christmas activities. We live so close to one of the best neighborhoods in Dallas for light-viewing that it would be a shame not to go anyway.

 photo DX0A6433_zps6e94d34b.jpg

 photo DX0A6435_zps5acdc84e.jpg

 photo DX0A6436_zpscdd6097a.jpg

 photo DX0A6440_zps94fac876.jpg

 photo DX0A6446_zpsf60b6b5a.jpg

This was their favorite house because of all the Disney characters. It also won kids' favorite for the neighborhood awards. I didn't take many photos this year...especially of the houses. I was just enjoying the ride. 

 photo DX0A6458_zps500517dd.jpg

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