Friday, December 05, 2014

Silly Little Elves

Every year I take some portrait-type Christmas photos of the boys. I used them this year in my Christmas decor on my pantry door. And I also use them to make yearly ornaments for the boys. Photo ornaments are my favorite. Also, this is one photo session the boys really love. I usually don't have to persuade them to do it at all.

This year, they wore their elf pajamas and I used colored Christmas lights for the background. One constant every year are the Santa hats. 

 photo DX0A4645_zpsf8547f80.jpg

 photo DX0A4663_zps26088ddb.jpg

They really were pretty silly. This photo is soft, but I just love that it shows how much fun they have making each other laugh. 

 photo DX0A4683_zps394f9c65.jpg

This oldest elf can be very goofy. I love his expressions. 

 photo DX0A4747_zps79f31870.jpg

 photo DX0A4771_zps8570d72e.jpg

This littlest elf has the dimples along with his sweet smile. 

 photo DX0A4783_zpsa4b68a81.jpg

And his expressions are pretty cute too. 

 photo DX0A4811_zpsfde0f570.jpg

They are the happiest, giggliest, most loveable elves...and I'm happy they live in my house!

 photo DX0A4838ed_zps475f3b67.jpg

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