Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Easter 2015

Our Easter Sunday got off to a rocky start this year. We got up, got everyone ready, took a few indoor photos (since it was raining outside), and strapped ourselves in the car for the drive to church. Unfortunately, our plans to attend church (on Easter Sunday no less) were not to be. There were power lines across the highway that forced all lanes of traffic to be shut down. Needless to say, even with the light traffic on a Sunday morning, the highway and side roads were awful. All in all, we were stuck in traffic (much of it at a complete stand-still) for over an hour. So, we missed church because we were going to have to leave a few minutes early to get down to Waxahachie anyway. 

So....we went home, let Duke out, and changed clothes. Logan apparently thought his ensemble needed his Mickey hat, which I love. Then, we got back in the car (so much time in the car) and drove down to Waxahachie for some Easter festivities with the Cooke family. 

First, we ate lunch, of course. And then we dyed eggs. This year I brought white plastic table cloths instead of just the random colors I have leftover from parties at home. Why? Less color casts on their faces. 

 photo DX0A0378_zpsu71yhlza.jpg

Ethan did his favorite color 

 photo DX0A0380_zps8kf8jepy.jpg

And Logan did his favorite color They are so predictable. 

 photo DX0A0387_zpskap0wp2f.jpg

 photo DX0A0391_zpsu5ejfsyd.jpg

 photo DX0A0393_zpshck51hwu.jpg

After a while, I pointed out that they were not using the wax crayon, to which they said they did not remember what to do with it. So I showed them. And then they were hooked. 

 photo DX0A0410_zpstqsvnq0w.jpg

 photo DX0A0412_zps1ln7rpsc.jpg

 photo DX0A0416_zpssbhromt1.jpg

 photo DX0A0424_zpsvszmz5gz.jpg

I drew a Mickey face, which they both loved. 

 photo DX0A0442_zpsv9dkcuth.jpg

 photo DX0A0454_zpsetrttied.jpg

 photo DX0A0462_zpsoy0vj5tz.jpg

While the younger kids were dying eggs, the uncles and older cousins hid all of the plastic Easter eggs for them to find. 

 photo DX0A0480_zpsh3hiypye.jpg

They took off once the signal was given that it was actually okay to go get those eggs out there. 

 photo DX0A0491_zpszpk2oish.jpg

 photo DX0A0497_zpsucqbkl9w.jpg

He spotted those up there on the branch pretty quickly but didn't know how he could get them down. He almost reached them jumping...

 photo DX0A0507_zpscwaepdr4.jpg

But ultimately, bending the branch down did the trick. 

 photo DX0A0508_zpswd1j50xn.jpg

 photo DX0A0520_zpscvu9fww7.jpg

Logan found a confetti egg and told me it was "broken." Funny kid. But that's the first time he's seen a confetti egg, so I guess I don't blame does have a hole in the top!

 photo DX0A0523_zps7vgfkmjz.jpg

 photo DX0A0527_zpsxapn2oax.jpg

They even used the vehicles to hide eggs. At least they did not put one in my exhaust pipe this year. 

 photo DX0A0537_zpslkpieh8w.jpg

 photo DX0A0540_zpsigvfifsz.jpg

 photo DX0A0546_zps8uzfbbas.jpg

 photo DX0A0549_zpsos685e3m.jpg

They came back with FULL baskets and lots of goodies.

 photo DX0A0555_zps5ablmbqn.jpg

 photo DX0A0559_zpswhmakuzm.jpg

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