Monday, June 08, 2015

The Disney Dream at Sunrise

Our first morning on the ship, I woke up early. Like 5:30 am early. Everyone else was asleep, but I had the bright idea to get up and take photos of the ship with no one to bother me. So, I slipped out of bed, quietly got dressed, and grabbed by camera. I headed first to the center of the ship on the main decks. I was one else was awake either, which allowed me to get photos without strangers roaming in them. 

 photo DX0A4500_zpshyxwvtid.jpg

It was just me and a couple of cast members dusting. Yes, dusting at 5am. Incredible. But the ship was always, always spotless. And that must be why. 

 photo DX0A4503_zpsq8cddkin.jpg

I walked around, completely at my own pace and photographed most of the ship. It was really nice. I got to stop when I wanted and go back to get a different angle. I also really enjoyed learning the layout of the ship too. This would help us during the next few days, in fact. 

 photo DX0A4508_zpsisrvst2x.jpg

 photo DX0A4511a_zps7ozzh1zm.jpg

 photo DX0A4512_zpsaivjrlmm.jpg

 photo DX0A4513_zpssdvmzadg.jpg

 photo DX0A4516_zpsdu51hgen.jpg

There were hidden Mickey's all over the ship...including some on that magnificent chandelier. I thought the main atrium was stunning. 

 photo DX0A4518_zpshg6mqxhy.jpg

 photo DX0A4521_zpssuvymrjh.jpg

I went outside as well. However, it was a very windy morning. So windy, in fact, that they had closed one side of the ship's doors off. I could only enter and exit from one side of the ship. But that was okay with me. I enjoyed walking around the entire deck.

 photo DX0A4526_zpsvqe0inhi.jpg

While I was out on this deck (4, I believe), I did come across a few joggers. We nodded politely at each other as they passed me, but I wonder if they thought I was as crazy to get up early and take photos as I thought they were crazy for getting up to run on vacation! To each their own, I suppose!

 photo DX0A4535_zpsejv3e9h9.jpg

The deck chairs were all stacked up. Not a soul was on deck...except a few cast members in yellow jump suits swabbing the deck. 

 photo DX0A4548_zpsdm12hsoz.jpg

But the trivia game was up on the screen...even this early. 

 photo DX0A4550_zpspvtdx8tv.jpg

I went as far aft as I could go and saw the wake. Surprisingly small for such a giant ship. The clouds were starting to show the color of the sun rising. It wasn't until I went to the outside decks that I even thought about getting to see the sunrise, but I was thrilled to do so. But not just yet.

 photo DX0A4561_zpslugvdwbx.jpg

The boys had splashed around in here the day before, but there were so many kids and so much water that I didn't get any photos with my big camera. It was such a cute and fun area for the kids...especially the smaller ones. 

 photo DX0A4565_zpst57y6ibc.jpg

 photo DX0A4566_zpsfwacexd9.jpg

 photo DX0A4567_zpseyzd4k85.jpg

I waited for the sunrise...with a few other photographers, who apparently were only interested in the sunrise. They had staked out their position a while before. But there was plenty of room for all of us to it. I so enjoyed watching the official start to the day. No one really talked. We just watched and clicked away. 

 photo DX0A4568_zpsdllmgycc.jpg

And then, the sun was up. I took a few more photos of the upper decks. Still so peaceful. 

 photo DX0A4570_zpsttk9ec0w.jpg

 photo DX0A4571_zpsiagcvqey.jpg

After a while, I realized that my folks would be waking up pretty soon...probably. So, I went back to the room to start their day with them. Although I do not like getting up early at all, I am so glad that I accidentally did on this morning. Not only did I get to roam the ship alone, but it allowed me to begin the day slowly and on my own terms. I loved it. 

 photo DX0A4577_zps3vk4mxcm.jpg

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