Monday, July 20, 2015

Durango: Day 8

On our last morning in Colorado, I found the scavenger hunt sheets I had printed off at home while I was packing us up to leave. So, the boys went outside with lists and pens in hand to find all (or most of) the items.

 photo DX0A8123_zpswy3i7l0n.jpg

The list was actually intended for the lake house, so a few items (like lizards, shells, and deer) were impossible to find. 

 photo DX0A8127_zpsxt30gat5.jpg

But most everything else they managed. 

 photo DX0A8128_zpsjvka4voz.jpg

 photo DX0A8129_zpspjzijlnk.jpg

 photo DX0A8133_zpsxd8z7rcz.jpg

 photo DX0A8135_zpsavkhrmsr.jpg

 photo DX0A8140_zpsnsxqs8sn.jpg

 photo DX0A8144_zpsnsn6l37f.jpg

 photo DX0A8148_zpst7pje49z.jpg

When the scavenger hunt was as complete as we could manage, Mimi pulled out some bubbles she had bought for the boys. One last hurrah on the deck before we had to drive back to the airport for our afternoon flight. 

 photo DX0A8160_zpspnk8u8ge.jpg

 photo DX0A8170_zpsqpitoayx.jpg

Leaving Colorado was truly bittersweet. Bitter, because we were leaving beautiful Colorado. And sweet because we were all missing Casey/daddy. The boys did great on the return first time to fly with them by myself. Durango has a special place in our family and I'm so glad I got to show some of it to the boys. I know we'll be back. 

 photo DX0A8173_zpsbzxgdzba.jpg

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