Sunday, July 19, 2015

Durango: Day 7

Most days my dad would make the boys pancakes for breakfast. They love it...especially when he spells their names!

 photo DX0A7981_zpsrbfiuhof.jpg

I think Logan had already eaten his "O" by the time I got around to take the photo...there's a reason his nickname is "pancake."

 photo DX0A7982_zpsjse2bum7.jpg

After breakfast, we called Buck's Livery just down the road to see if we could stop by and let the boys do some led horseback riding. They said yes, so we loaded the boys up with their jeans and sheriff's badges that Mimi had bought them. 

 photo DX0A7989_zpsvbfaw0pc.jpg

They were obsessed with sticks this week...especially their walking sticks. They wanted to take them everywhere. 

 photo DX0A7990_zpssgsqfvla.jpg

 photo DX0A7993_zpsm1td5eab.jpg

When we got to the livery, there was a sweet, friendly dog there to greet us. There were also dark, menacing clouds to greet us too. 

 photo DX0A7996_zps757zvzfy.jpg

There was a family already there riding when we got there, and apparently, you get to ride as long as you want to when you are doing the led ride around their pen. So, we waited...all the while the storm clouds were gathering. And they didn't look like a quick little storm either. 

 photo DX0A7998_zpsykwwtcav.jpg

Finally, Ethan got to have a turn on the mule/horse. He was thrilled. And then the rain came down. And down. And down. He had to dismount and we took cover in the shelter. We were all discussing whether or not the storm would pass. We all felt like it would probably last until well after lunch. So what to do with 2 little boys who were dying to ride? 

 photo DX0A8012_zpsazb5xl7x.jpg

Well, the storm let up just a little, although it was still a steady rain. The cowboy who was leading the horse around just put on a big raincoat and his cowboy hat and went on with business. The boys didn't care either. I would have cared less if I didn't have my camera getting wet. 

 photo DX0A8048_zpsqcybudpn.jpg

Even just watching was fun for them. Honestly, mom and I were a little disappointed that they only got to walk around the pen. We had thought it would be a bigger area. But once we were there, there was no turning the boys down. And they really didn't care about that anyway. 

 photo DX0A8050_zpsg8rg9usq.jpg

Ethan is still a huge animal lover and he was over the moon about riding. The cowboy showed him how to use the reins properly and steer the horse. Next time we do this, both boys will be old enough to do a trail ride and that's what we'll do. 

 photo DX0A8060_zpsgr41hnmv.jpg

Next it was Logan's turn. He was very thoughtful up there most of the time, but he did let a few smiles slip by.

 photo DX0A8032_zps3xhwqa9b.jpg

As I said, the rain was still coming down. And the boys just did not care!

 photo DX0A8035_zpszxiy1h5r.jpg

 photo DX0A8027_zpsew3ijubl.jpg

 photo DX0A8068_zpswpqk7krv.jpg

After we all got good and soaked at the livery, we went back to the cabin, dried off, and warmed up. Then after lunch we went out again to pick something up in downtown...I don't even remember what it was now. I had my dad pull over to let me get a photo of this sign...we passed it every time we went to and from the cabin/town.

 photo DX0A8088_zpsbtotpmnp.jpg

We stopped in at Michel's Corner, which is a food truck that serves sweet and savory crepes. We didn't know what to expect, but the menu looked amazing so we thought we'd try a couple. 

 photo DX0A8091_zpsuwbvotvn.jpg

We kind of wished we had eaten lunch here, because look at those choices! Yum!

 photo DX0A8094_zpsbnjifrki.jpg

Everything was wet after the morning was a good one. But, how inviting is Michel's anyway? 

 photo DX0A8099_zpswg3nk3wn.jpg

This Colorado vacation was a makeup-free vacation for me. I didn't see any reason to put makeup on the entire time. And I fit right in with the locals! (Hehe!)

 photo DX0A8102_zpsc7oevjy8.jpg

Ultimately we decided on two of the chocolate and nutella crepes. They came garnished with two giant swirls of fresh whipped cream and berries. They were almost too pretty to eat. Almost. 

 photo DX0A8104_zpsej4kmrso.jpg

I can't believe I paused to take a photo of mine. And it was delicious. It was gone in no time!

 photo DX0A8106_zpsclsadhdp.jpg

After a few more errands in town, we went back to the cabin where we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon/evening. The boys set up camp upstairs in the loft to play on their ipads for a while. 

 photo DX0A8116_zpshbhtettw.jpg

I'm fairly certain that Logan had no idea I was even there, much less taking a photo. 

 photo DX0A8119_zpskvyjpms7.jpg

They brought their backpacks and most favorite things up to the loft. Take a look at Ethan's monkey on top of the lamp!

 photo DX0A8120_zpsct573xvq.jpg

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