Monday, July 27, 2015

Underwater at the Lake House

Last weekend the boys and I spent some time at the lake house with my mom and her cousin, Cindie. I didn't take a lot of photos - none at all with my big camera - but I did take some underwater photos with my point and shoot. 

I am still not very good at underwater photos, but I did like some of the ones I got of the boys this time. It was fun now that they can both swim completely unassisted. 

 photo P7170092_zps4uop78gm.jpg

 photo P7170063_zpspmhotu4d.jpg

Ethan kept practicing - and got pretty good at - doing a hand stand under water. 

 photo P7170068_zpskv4b0rgp.jpg

This next one we got by having the boys jump off the waterfall into the deep end where I was waiting.

 photo P7170070_zpspxkkq7qw.jpg

 photo P7170087_zpszp5hjn1v.jpg

 photo P7170091_zpsg57adi7j.jpg

 photo P7170098_zpsgeibhvhi.jpg

 photo P7170100_zps9xfh226j.jpg

We also took the boat out for a spin and jumped off it into the lake. I sometimes think I like the photos this camera takes underwater better than the above water ones. But, it did allow me to have it in the water to take these. 

 photo P7190147_zpserfpgsmu.jpg

They had trouble jumping at the exact same time. In this next photo, Ethan is the splash you see at the bow of the boat. 

 photo P7190161_zps9uqwnxqg.jpg

I have no idea what thoughts were going through their heads at this moment, but it resulted in some funny expressions. 

 photo P7190142_zpsgvn6try2.jpg

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