Sunday, August 09, 2015

Swimming This Summer

This summer, we went to our neighborhood pool as much as possible. And since both boys could swim, it was so much more relaxing for me than it used to be. We usually headed over in the mornings and there was hardly anyone there on weekdays. 

 photo DX0A9196_zpsmjwxzoap.jpg

That left plenty of room for the boys to jump into the pool as much as they liked. 

 photo DX0A9164_zpspia4d3mi.jpg

 photo DX0A9169_zpsssrakeqm.jpg

 photo DX0A9192_zpslpfctj7p.jpg

 photo DX0A9182_zpsqzhouvsm.jpg

Unfortunately, this was our last weekday to swim this starts this week! I finally thought to bring my camera with us to the pool to get some shots of how we've been spending so many of our mornings the past few months.

 photo DX0A9225_zps1j3mp6uz.jpg

I always bring snacks when we go swim...and they always get devoured.

 photo DX0A9287_zpsfbtflgk2.jpg

The other great thing about swimming? wears the boys OUT. Ethan is only pretend-sleeping here, and they still never take naps, but expending some of their endless energy is always a good thing!

 photo DX0A9277_zpsy4axoawb.jpg

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