Wednesday, August 12, 2015

First Day of School 2015: 2nd Grade and TK

I cannot believe this day is here! BOTH boys will be in school all day, every day. It is very weird, but they are both ready to start this year. Just look at those cuties!

 photo DX0A9314_zpsgyjhuriy.jpg

It kind of cracks me up that our photos look the SAME every year because of uniforms. I think I said something similar on last year's first day post too. Ethan will be in 2nd grade this year. Each year it seems more incredible how old he is. 

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And this year Logan is starting Transitional Kindergarten. He was enrolled in Kindergarten up until a couple of weeks ago when we began to second-guess our decision. He just turned 5 three days ago, after all! So, we're giving him an extra year before he officially starts Kindergarten. But he will still be at Ethan's school with him (obviously...they are uniform twins). His day begins at the same time as Ethan's, but he will get out an hour earlier. 

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He's sporting his new alligator backpack that's almost as big as he is! But he's very proud of it and his uniform. He is so ready to be going to school with Ethan!

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This photo below was too cute not to take, but I wasn't quite ready with my camera (rookie mistake)...we were literally steps inside the door to the school when they started holding hands. And I love their matching key chains on their backpacks...little Disney cruise ships from our vacation at the beginning of summer this year.

 photo DX0A9316_zpspdhe22ls.jpg

We all walked Ethan to his class first since he knows the drill by now. He put his stuff away in his cubby and found his seat. 

 photo DX0A9324_zpsavmjpgtq.jpg

Ethan's teacher is Mrs. Montes this year and we love her already!

 photo DX0A9335_zps2mfgspkm.jpg

It didn't take Ethan long to get settled and then we started to say goodbye so we could get Logan to his class. They hugged each other before we left. 

 photo DX0A9326_zpsbdxysius.jpg

Bravo to daddy for taking this great photo of me and my first born. I love him and I love that he's so comfortable at school.

 photo DX0A9329_zps8wbnq6sm.jpg

We left Ethan in 2nd grade and walked to the next hallway to drop off Logan.

 photo DX0A9341_zpsd5oqwuhe.jpg

He was so excited to find his name in his cubby. It took him a little while to get all his stuff in the right place, but it will become routine to him very soon!

 photo DX0A9345_zpscaznm3r1.jpg

Logan's teacher is Mrs. Lockwood. It's her first year at Legacy, but I think she's going to fit right in at the school. Bless her heart with 9 little boys and 3 little girls this year...all 5 years old!

 photo DX0A9356_zpsfhxnsgz6.jpg

They did not have assigned seating, so Logan just picked a seat. Such a big boy!

 photo DX0A9349_zpsr5ouf8ms.jpg

I didn't think I would get teary dropping Logan off this year. I don't know why...I guess because we've done the school thing for a few years now. But of course I did. He was totally fine and excited, but it's just another milestone. And no one is home full-time with me during the school year anymore. It will not take me long to appreciate the freedom, trust me! But I did shed a few tears as we left. Here's to a great year for both of our school-going boys!

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