Monday, October 12, 2015

A Harry Potter Halloween

Yesterday I took the boys out for a Harry Potter photo shoot. They decided a long time ago to be Harry and Ron for Halloween this year, which was basically what I've been waiting for since they were born. And we've been planning this photo shoot for a while too. We were all excited about it.

 photo DX0A3389a_zpsyapufyd8.jpg

Two things went wrong...1) Ethan broke his wand 5 minutes in. I had to call Casey to bring us another one. Thank goodness we were in the neighborhood. And 2) Logan's tummy hurt so he didn't feel good. It turned out to be nothing more than hunger (thank GOODness).

They were so excited about the dueling part. And they flipped over the "magic" I added in Photoshop. Honestly, I'm so glad they're pleased, because this type of photoshopping is not something I'm very good at!

 photo DX0A3368 magic 2_zpsllm7qfzg.jpg

I seriously love their faces in this one! Both expressions. I think they're threatening me with "petrificus totalis."

 photo DX0A3393_zpsoz3k5bcm.jpg

Ethan makes the sweetest Harry Potter. We are replacing his wand, by the way. (This time.)

 photo DX0A3432_zpsoopwditv.jpg

And Logan was really such a trooper. He wanted to do the photos so badly, but his tummy was bothering him a lot. You can tell by his smile...but he did it, sweet boy. 

 photo DX0A3454_zpsqk9xlo3f.jpg

Logan liked the sitting shots because he felt better. He kept asking to sit down, so we did several like that.

 photo DX0A3458_zpsymbk4dxc.jpg

 photo DX0A3482a_zpslejbf1fc.jpg

 photo DX0A3527_zpsskv7yd6f.jpg

 photo DX0A3574 magic 2_zpsokapgz9j.jpg

I didn't plan on adding magic to this photo of Ethan, but he had his hand like that (for some unknown reason) and I thought it looked like something magical should go there.

 photo DX0A3584 magic 2_zpsi1sfgzwh.jpg


 photo DX0A3597a magic_zps91khn6jd.jpg

 photo DX0A3606_zpsuux6by5n.jpg

 photo DX0A3640_zpscetq5gqw.jpg

They kept asking me if I could do a Patronus in Photoshop. I was less than confident about it, but I did it. Sort of. Don't judge! Again, they were thrilled...and that's what I was going for!

 photo DX0A3650 patronus_zpsfedka7hn.jpg

I asked them both what animal they wanted for their Patronus and they both chose a dog. No surprise there. 

 photo DX0A3654 patronus_zps8ofjqjyk.jpg

A few more dueling photos...because this really was their favorite part.

 photo DX0A3655 magic_zpsne6yrhz3.jpg

 photo DX0A3670 magic 2_zpsgcoxe66l.jpg

 photo DX0A3674 magic 2_zpskod1gcry.jpg

Ron and Harry...just discussing things. Maybe wondering where Hermione went? (Check the library, guys.)

 photo DX0A3681_zpsd7ajslrv.jpg

And there they go...marching off to the Forbidden Forest. 

 photo DX0A3763_zps3xxcomw1.jpg

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