Thursday, May 26, 2016

Splash Park Play Date

Yesterday (Ethan's 8th Birthday) we were lucky enough to meet up with friends at a new-to-us (but very close) splash park. Ethan couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the hour between swim lessons and baseball practice on any day...let alone his birthday.

It was overcast and not particularly hot, but that did not stop the boys from getting soaked and loving it.

 photo DX0A0110_zpssnb1msc0.jpg

 photo DX0A0234_zpsss6pqx8n.jpg

 photo DX0A0090_zpspe4ubo9j.jpg

 photo DX0A0094_zpsofuebe15.jpg

 photo DX0A0100_zpshuoaek3g.jpg

 photo DX0A0207_zpsb0ke0zyl.jpg

 photo DX0A0112_zpsgjxheak4.jpg

 photo DX0A0126_zpssw07lhg9.jpg

 photo DX0A0143_zpsdm4xemg0.jpg

 photo DX0A0222_zpsk6tjt0pj.jpg

 photo DX0A0231_zps54mvsvql.jpg

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