Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Under the Water

I took my underwater camera to our neighborhood pool yesterday to get some shots. This is my first time to take it to our pool. I've used it at the lake house pool before with some success. The first thing I noticed about our neighborhood pool was that it was not as clean as I would have liked for photos. And secondly, the sun was not in the best position to light the water. But, I didn't let those two things deter me. In general, I'm not super-pleased with the quality of the photos (to say the least), but I do love them for other reasons...

The boys swimming across the pool together. 

 photo P6140006_zpsnxqj3qlf.jpg

Always the tongue...(sigh)

 photo P6140009_zps1ztg2xyz.jpg

Ethan giving the "thumbs down" sign just to be contrary. That kid.

 photo P6140010_zps7l0gerqq.jpg

Right after they jumped in from the side of the pool. Obviously it's not very deep, so they can't dive.

 photo P6140016_zpsboqpap77.jpg

My little Logan-fish swimming along.

 photo P6140017_zpsgb5hohe3.jpg

And Ethan too.

 photo P6140023_zpsxwkjvy0h.jpg

Ethan wanted to take a photo of me, so I posed for him. He did a pretty good job with it!

 photo P6140029_zpszyunvjey.jpg

This shot is the most clear out of the lot. And Logan is pretty cute too...

 photo P6140037_zpstsrvubi3.jpg

Half up, half down...not sure how he feels about swimming. Or underwater photos, maybe.

 photo P6140039_zpsfrzmo9hi.jpg

Before I put my camera away, I took a selfie with all of us. Not the most flattering angle, but it's not easy to do this above water, much less under. I'm definitely going to have to bring the underwater camera again and keep shooting.

 photo P6140041_zpsfoyn2sic.jpg

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