Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Down Where It's Wetter

Yesterday's post was all above-water photos, but I did drag out the underwater camera too. Although, I've been frustrated with my results with it lately. It seems like I used to be able to get nice, clear photos that were fairly easy to color-correct in PS. But this summer they've all been cloudy and really weird colors that are hard to fix. I've tried shooting at different times of day and right after the pool has been cleaned and nothing has helped. BUT, I still love shooting underwater and not surprisingly, the boys love doing "tricks" for me to photograph. They love looking at the photos after. So it's still fun for all of us!

 photo P8070004_zpsbn0o5pot.jpg

It's kind of hard to tell them apart underwater with their matching suits. Even for me! But Logan is wearing the neon green goggles and Ethan's are blue. 

 photo P8070011_zpse0gnrfyk.jpg

 photo P8070019_zpsloap3ylh.jpg

 photo P8070026_zpswtjbsngs.jpg

 photo P8070027_zps0tryggj1.jpg

 photo P8070058_zpsqto2ezgx.jpg

 photo P8070080_zpsuvfszpv5.jpg

 photo P8070089_zpsrdk1eyvn.jpg

 photo P8070106_zpsaf1pq4cn.jpg

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