Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Tree 2016

I have several Christmas photo traditions...and taking some of the boys in front of the tree is at the top of the list. It's a keepsake I have of every year. 

 photo DX0A2086_zpsymwxrbvb.jpg

 photo DX0A2117_zpscmgjopgq.jpg

 photo DX0A2148_zpsatjxxx2o.jpg

 photo DX0A2151_zpsw7sfk9ll.jpg

Duke just could not stay out of the photos. Nor could he keep his tail still enough to not be blurred by my lower shutter speeds. 

 photo DX0A2166_zpsvnkuzgid.jpg

 photo DX0A2237_zpsntctqvjc.jpg

I also included the fireplace. I have a few new decorations there this year and also, we love to sit there and enjoy it. 

 photo DX0A2299_zpsyvibzo9f.jpg

And we have TWO trees this year. This one in the foyer is new and hold all of our photo ornaments. I love it and those two cuties on the stairs. 

 photo DX0A2360_zps5paerere.jpg

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