Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas with the Cookes: 2016

This year we had Christmas at Nonnie and Papaw's house on Christmas Eve. Avery was sick and so only Chelsea and the boys were able to come this year. It stinks to miss Christmas! And Grandaddy and Nana Betty were with other family celebrating that day, so we had a smaller party than usual.

 photo DX0A3397_zpsmgltd0kx.jpg

Yes, that is bree cheese baked in pastry dough with cranberries. It was as delicious as it sounds. 

 photo DX0A3398_zps61frus1h.jpg

The adults take the folding table in the living room because it actually holds all of us. 

 photo DX0A3401_zpswdx1y5qz.jpg

The kids sit at the kitchen table, which Nonnie always dresses so cute!

 photo DX0A3402_zpschmvzwyr.jpg

All the Cooke cousin stockings hung up on the mantle...

 photo DX0A3406_zpsxdc4bfvi.jpg

Donna always works really hard and makes a wonderful meal for us. But this year, she really wanted to to Beef Wellington, which is no easy feat. She worked double hard on the prep work and here she is making the last scoring marks on the pastry dough before popping it in the oven.

 photo DX0A3408_zpszpwr3ll7.jpg

After a lot of prayer, checking the timers, and meat thermometers, she ended up with these beauties. They were delicious!

 photo DX0A3421_zpsv2psvsdc.jpg

Ethan stole Uncle Jeff's boots. Aren't they supposed to look a little bigger on him? I remember when he was a toddler and they would have covered his whole leg. 

 photo DX0A3410_zpspbhjp37e.jpg

Boys waiting patiently for lunch...and then presents after (the real thing they're waiting for). 

 photo DX0A3422_zpsdovud5kt.jpg

It's finally time and you're making us pose for a photo? We told them they couldn't open anything until we took it, so...

 photo DX0A3425_zpszvc0i9rm.jpg

Thrilled over his Disney gift card. He's saving it for our Disney Cruise next summer .

 photo DX0A3432_zpswlkjd6xl.jpg

Ethan is still on his stocking stuff and Logan is starting to tackle the presents!

 photo DX0A3439_zpsbiphydrw.jpg

A small Nerf gun in the stocking was a hint of what was to come in the wrapped gifts...

 photo DX0A3451_zpsdhddngpe.jpg

Logan finally got some Nerf guns. He loves them! 

 photo DX0A3462_zpswyoblhby.jpg

And Ethan got this cool bow and arrow.

 photo DX0A3464_zpszp0z4pvx.jpg

And of course, a Star Wars Lego set.

 photo DX0A3479_zpsk0n4b3e3.jpg

Nonnie is going to be finding a few Nerf bullets in and around her house because I'm positive we did not get them all when we left...and there was a lot of target practice going on that day!

 photo DX0A3487_zpsk3acc7fh.jpg

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