Monday, December 04, 2006

Banned Bands

Ben Wallace was benched and fined for ... wearing a head band in a game. Since he's not on my fantasy team, I really don't care, but just listen to the explanation of why he can't wear a head band:

The Chicago Bulls manager, John "Paxson banned head bands when he took over for Jerry Krause in April 2003 because he didn't like the cavalier way several Bulls wore them."

Is anyone else confused by this? How do you wear a head band in a cavalier way? Maybe the Cleveland players could explain (sorry - cheap pun), but I need a visual illustration of this type of head band-wearing. And doesn't it seem silly to ban head bands? What does that accomplish? I thought they were supposed to keep sweat out of players' eyes.

The really ironic thing is that the marketing team for the Bulls used Wallace, sporting his red head band, in several ads and posters.

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Unknown said...

I think this whole head band fiasco is pretty dumb. So many players wear them, and you are right- they are for keeping sweat out of the eyes. I think it's bad for a coach to come in and ban something like this- it only creates bad blood between him and the players. However, Wallace's cry baby reaction is not so great either. Now it's sort of a thing where no one can back down because it's all blown out of proportion and more of a control issue. I wish someone was paying me a few million a year- I wouldn't even complain if they said I couldn't wear a head band.