Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Baby and Some Bluebonnets

This past weekend my mom and I drove to Brownfield, Texas to meet our new grand-nephew and great cousin, Taber. One of my cousins and her husband had their first child, a boy. He was really sweet!

On the way there and back we saw so many beautiful patches of wildflowers, especially bluebonnets. My mom made the comment that she had always wanted to take our picture in bluebonnets as kids and never did it. Somehow she talked me into letting her take a picture of me on the side of the road near Possum Kingdom Lake in a patch of bluebonnets. The things we do for our moms!


Unknown said...

you're so good to your mom!
the bluebonnet pics are really good, too! How did you do this lay-out of several pics on a colored background on the blog?

Blair said...

My mom always made us do the bluebonnet pics, and when Blake was about 2 she stood him there and insisted he be completely still. He started jumping all over the place and it turns out she had sat him down in a fire ant pile. He never forgave her for that.

This is Blair by the way. I maintain a blog at school which is why it says my name is American University. I can't get it to stop doing that.

Stephanie said...

My mom, grandmother and I took Caleb to Ennis for the Bluebonnet Festival a few weekends ago to take pictures. It wound up being really cold, so we didn't get really great pictures. We'll have to try again next year! I like your pictures! They look great! You'll have to tell us how you put them on the background like that.

Anonymous said...

Very cute pics!