Monday, October 29, 2007


Here's a confession: on Saturday, I pulled out in front of an ambulance. With it's lights on. Either on its way to the hospital or to an accident. I did not do this on purpose. I was in the left lane of a three-lane road on my way to pick up a prescription at the grocery store. The car in front of me spontaneously stopped completely in the middle of the road...for no apparent reason. So, irritated as I was at this, I pulled into the middle lane of the road and moved around the car and back into the left lane...and then looked up. In my rear-view mirror, I saw the ambulance. With it's lights on. In the lane which I had just vacated moments before. Apparently it also had it's siren on, but I didn't hear that until it was past me. Oops. So that's why the car stopped. Although, in my defense, you're not supposed to just stop anywhere on the road. You're supposed to pull over to the right and stop. If everyone just stopped where they were, it's likely that the whole road would be blocked.

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gayle said...

in your defense, my friend is an EMT in the northeast, and he said NO ONE even PAYS the SLIGHTEST BIT of ATTENTION to ambulances.

So, kudos for you for caring about it this much!!!! :)