Friday, August 07, 2009

Books, Books, Books

Ethan has always loved to flip through his books, but he is especially attached to them these days. He almost plays with them more than all his other toys. He has started climbing up in our laps with a book any time we are sitting down. We, of course, love this since he usually never sits still. But for a book, he will do it. And it's funny how one story never gets old to a 14 month old. No matter how many times we read it, he will want us to read it again.






Heather said...

Kenna done the same thing recently...I think she would rather have a book than any other toy....I am glad they enjoy reading!

Lynn Leaming said...

Your little man is just so photogenic. I love the one where he looks like he is saying "oh".
Too cute!

Lindsay said...

Blake is going through the same thing as well especially if it is a Wiggles book (aka Toot Toot Cha Cha). Looks like Ethan feels the same way about his colors book. His facial expressions are so priceless - looks like he is really reading something interesting (I guess he is!). When I pack Blake's diaper bag, I do not even mess with toys - books are the best.

Mary said...

Hope he loves reading for a long time!

Jacquie said...

Lynlee has that same book pictured. She has read and played with it so much I have completely taped it back together. I love that she loves books!