Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Game Show Reveiw

One of my favorite things is playing trivia games (like Trivial Pursuit) or watching trivia-based game shows. I don't usually watch that many game shows, but since we moved, Casey has been coming home for lunch, and sometimes we watch re-runs of some game shows while we eat. You know, there are some great game shows out there...and then there are the ones I can only watch if they're recorded or sometimes not at all...


Jeapordy: probably my all-time favorite game show. It is challenging, fast-paced, and trivia-based.

Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire: Sometimes they linger way too long on a question, which bugs me, but overall a great show.

Password: this is an old one, but a really fun game. We used to play this on family road trips since it is very travel-friendly.

Family Feud: I love this show for some reason, despite the way-too-long introductions of the families and the chit-chat in between actual game-play.

The $25,000 Pyramid: A word game that I really enjoy watching and playing from home.


Wheel of Fortune: A classic that I do enjoy, especially since it is a word game, but for some reason, just not a favorite.

1 Against 100: If it weren't for the host (Bob Saget), talking way too much to the "mob," this one would probably rank higher because the actual game-play...when they get around to it...is fun.

The Newlywed Game: I love the concept and actual game-play on this show. What I don't like are all the lame jokes and too much time spent on talking to the contestants. Just play the game!

Match Game: this one is fun if only to get a glimpse of the 70's in a nutshell. Again, this one would be more of a favorite if they didn't spend so much time talking to the "celebrities."


Deal or No Deal: I can't handle watching this show. It isn't even a real game. First of all, there is no skill involved except maybe a little bit of statistics. Secondly...and this drives me absolutely crazy...the bulk of the show is waiting, and waiting, and waiting, for the contestant to make a decision. There is no action and you can't really play along at home.

Hollywood Squares: Absolutely annoying to watch. The actual game is weak at best and the real "stars" of the show are the celebrities' "zingers" that they occasionally say before their real answers. Not entertaining to me.

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Lindsay said...

Jeopardy is a great game -I am just not smart enough to play it. :) Love family feud (especially with Richard Dawson (the kissy one) and I loved Richard Karn (still pretty bitter they got rid of him - but it probably has something to do with Home Improvement being one of my all time favorite shows). I used to love Deal or No Deal, but I am with you now. I don't get it - and don't get what I used to see in it.