Saturday, April 10, 2010

Parents of the Year

Both sets of our parents earned "parents of the year" awards today. They put in several hours of work at our house to get some major painting and other projects done. This week has been project week around here. I painted our front door (which needed it badly) and Casey painted the cabinets in the boys' hall bathroom upstairs.

Then, today we assembled the troops for a paint party. We painted three rooms today...Ethan's room, Logan's nursery, and their hall bathroom. We also changed out two ceiling fans, re-hung the mirror in the bathroom and installed the new light fixture in the well as cleaned everything up and put outlet covers, etc. back up in the rooms. There are some small projects still left to be done (like hanging a curtain rod, bathroom towel bars, etc.) but the majority of the work was all completed today. Whew. We are tired.

I know that parents always say that they will do anything for their kids...and I guess it's true because I could think of about a thousand ways our parents could have spent their Saturday rather than working at our house.

I had great intentions of taking pictures today as the work progressed and to document everyone working, but wouldn't you know...I didn't take one single picture. And I didn't even take "before" pictures of the boys' rooms. I did take before pictures of the bathroom. It used to have wallpaper, which I took down a few weeks ago. I will post those and "after" pictures later.

I can't believe we got so much done...thanks, parents!

PS - It is so funny that Ethan will play perfectly well by himself when Casey and I are occupied working on something, but when the grandparents (and both sets, too) are here, he just could not go play by himself. He wanted Mimi, Pop, Nonna, and Papaw all to play with him. He was so thrilled to have them all here cute and funny!


Mary said...

I am so glad everyone helped out! Sounds like things are moving along!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rachel for the award!! But the truth be told is that Rachel had prepped the rooms with blue tape, covered the carpet and had all the supplies ready to go. We walked in and started painting! She did the hard part. Casey had painted the bathroom cabinets because the paint is oil base and Rachel is not suppose to breath the fumes. Ethan kept us all entertained. He is such a pleasant little guy-alot like his mom and dad!

love mimi