Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Status Updates

These are probably things I could have posted as status updates on Facebook, but I didn't. Because I never post anything. So here they are, as a collection...

Casey and I both tried the new spicy chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A on Monday when it came out. We both liked it a lot. We love spicy chicken sandwiches.

Casey turned 30 yesterday!

It is probably time for me to remove my wedding ring for the remainder of this pregnancy. It is just so darn hot that my fingers are starting to swell...and who knows when the day will come that they don't un-swell and I can't get my ring off. I admit, I am paranoid about this happening. The last thing I want to do is have to cut my ring off. No, thank you.

Right this very minute there is a toy all the way up in our playroom that is making noise. Ethan is napping, by the way, and no one is up there. This happens occasionally, and with different toys...but why? I can't figure it out.

We finally bit the bullet and switched insurance companies for auto and home. We loved our previous insurer except for the fact that our rates kept going up and up and up each year. Despite the pain of transferring info and setting up new policies, we are really digging the total savings (between both policies) of about $650. Nice, huh? And we actually have more coverage on our cars now than we did before.

I spent the last two weekends at my parents' lake house. Both weekends were so much fun...but they couldn't have been more different. The first (as I blogged about previously) was with kids. The second one (with my book club girls) was without kids. That about sums up the difference, right?


Mary said...

I am considering this "slight" progress, but won't be impressed completely until you post something on facebook! Maybe you can enter the world of "posting" on facebook when Logan is born!

Emily Cade said...

Creepy ghost toys!