Saturday, May 14, 2011

Preschool Program: 2011

Ethan's end of the year preschool program was this past Thursday. I can not believe we are wrapping up his first entire year of preschool. This is what our big boy looked like on his very first day back in September:


And now, he is almost a whole year older and has changed so much. For weeks now he has been practicing his performance songs at home or in the car. But, we weren't quite sure how he would do once he was up on stage and in front of a lot of people. Here he is on stage at the beginning of the performance:


Now that you know where he is in the photo, you can see for yourself how he did during the performance. This year's theme was a circus and Ethan's group was dressed like monkeys.



His class is the front row (9 kids) and they performed (along with a couple of other classes) two songs: 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, and Mi Cuerpo (a song in Spanish).



Ethan was quite a ham. He didn't shy away from singing or doing the motions to his songs at all. In fact, at the very end of the second song, he made quite a show (see below) and everyone in the auditorium laughed at him and his antics...


I was sitting in the front row off to the side taking these photos, but I made sure to put down the camera often enough to actually watch him. But I also can't wait to see the video of the performance. I think it will be a good one to pull out years from now and show to his girlfriends!


Heather said...

Looks like he had a blast!!! So cute!!

Christina said...

Absolutely adorable! He is quite the performer :). Love it!

Lindsay said...

Love it! That last picture tells it all. Precious. Time goes so quickly. It is so fun though.

Lynn Leaming said...

Hope you can post the video ;-)

Mary said...

Love it! My kids are the opposite, they act super excited and practice at home, then freeze up in front of the audience! They usually do the motions or sing, but never both! :)

Anonymous said...

Precious and priceless! I admit I didn't see another child perform; my eyes were on my grandson!!

Blair said...

He is going to be a Sing Song champion! What a great Kojie face!

Dara said...

So adorable! Love to see kids really enjoy themselves in those programs... makes them so fun to watch!