Saturday, May 28, 2011

These Are My Confessions

I've confessed many things on this blog before. About my cluttered kitchen counter. About letting dishes pile up in my sink. About denting and scratching my own car (by accident). About the fact that sometimes I don't really like taking showers. And several other things in those posts.

Recently, my friend, Mary, wrote a great post about honesty. And I was inspired to confess a few more things. These are motherhood-related because I haven't done much of that yet:

1. I don't wash sippy cups that have just had water in them as much as I probably should. I just do it when I think about it. And I have a lot of things on my mind!

2. I have let a load of laundry sit in the dryer for much longer than I would like to admit. And I don't really separate my colors and whites! I just wash like fabrics together in cold water. Saves energy anyway, right?

3. I also let my both of my boys sleep on their tummies as babies. And they have both had bumper pads in their beds.

4. I have been known to skip the boys' bath time every once in a while...days that I just don't have the energy or the boys have not been outside. (This was almost an every other day occurrence last summer when I was pregnant with Logan. I was so tired by the end of the day!)

5. I am guilty of occasionally letting Ethan take one of his cars to the table at dinner time - despite the fact that, as a rule, we don't bring toys to the table - just because I do not want to fight one more battle. So much for consistency.

6. I have been known to nurse my babies in our office chair so I can do stuff on the computer at the same time.

7. I have a tendency to not like to do craft projects (or other similar activities) at home with Ethan. I am bad about tolerating the unavoidable mess. I am working on it!

8. Notwithstanding the above, I am not afraid of a little dirt. Yes, I am that mom that doesn't sanitize every single thing that falls on the floor before my kid puts it in their mouth again.

8. I don't let Ethan watch Yo Gabba Gabba....because I can't stand it. And if he were to become attached to it, I don't know what I would do.

9. I've yelled at Ethan. What? You think he's too cute to yell at? Well, those times are not my finest moments, and I strive to remain calm and patient...but it has happened.


Christina said...

Oh my goodness, Rachel! This makes me feel a bit more normal, ha! I also confess to all 9 of those! I'm just now getting to PILES of laundry that I just was so unmotivated to do!

Mary said...

Why wash a sippy cup that just has water in it??? We even take the cups they just drank milk out of and put them in the fridge just about empty and merely put more milk in them in the morning! :)

Brianna Kay said...

It is so refreshing to hear that other moms make many of the same short cuts that I do . . . . I probably have a few worse ones, but refreshing just the same :)

Christina said...

I am with you on #2, #3, and #6. Although I do the nursing with the laptop on the couch...but same principle!

Ashley Hunt said...

I love this blog! Very honest and consequently very relatable.

Stephanie said...

I HATE Yo Gabba Gabba! Caleb knows this, and if he sees anything about that show he says "Momma doesn't like this show!" Dumbest show ever!!