Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ten on Thursday

I realize that it's supposed to be Ten on Tuesday (which has much more of a ring to it), but today is Thursday and all I have are a bunch of random thoughts:

1. First, I have been kind of neglecting the blog because I've been busy tackling a pretty big project. I am finally (finally) working on my family photo albums. I have actually already made and ordered two of them. One is 2000-2004 and the other is 2005-2007. I am currently working on the 2008 book, which is taking longer because I have thousands of photos for that year (the year Ethan was born) and for every year after that. But I am SO excited to be making progress on this project. Especially since this was one of my few goals for this year.

2. I have been doing some major spring cleaning. Not really with a rag and cleaning's more of the "get rid of stuff" kind of cleaning. I always feel like a huge weight has been lifted when we get rid of stuff. But this time some of it was actually emotional for me to let go...because it was baby stuff.

3. I finally loaded up the car with Casey this past weekend and took some stuff to the dump that has been sitting in our garage for months. I am so happy when I walk through the garage now that it's gone. 

4. I had no idea that selling clothes on Craigslist was such a successful venture. I'm never having a garage sale with clothes again. Never. (Thanks to my friend, Mary, for getting me started on this.)

5. We are making progress on my office, which was first on my list of house goals for this year. Progress is good. 

6. This spring weather is absolutely energizing. Maybe that's where I've been getting the energy to get around to so many projects lately. 

7.  My boys are becoming friends. They have started playing together really well. Like, actually playing. Not just being in the same room together. And it is (mostly) the sweetest thing to watch. They have even started going up to the playroom together when I'm still downstairs. This did not happen previously, although both are great at playing independently...they just always wanted to be where I was in the house. This may have something to do with my productivity too.

8.  I can now vouch for the effectiveness of OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover. Up until this week, I have hardly ever had to use stain remover. Even with two boys. It's been sitting in my laundry cabinet, feeling lonely. But, just this week, I've had to address three different kinds of stains (and two of them were on my clothes): wine, grass stains, and a mysterious dark circular stain. All three of them were completely wiped out by the OxiClean. I'm amazed, although I guess I shouldn't be. That's what the stuff is supposed to do. It's just sort of satisfying to successfully remove a stain. Or is that just me?

9.  I've made a few small changes to Ethan's room over the past couple of months. And this week, the final piece arrived, so I'll have to get it up and then take pictures to share.

10. Have you guys seen the new Martha Stewart office supply line at Staples? It's amazing. The labels, oh the labels. They are so pretty and so smart. And they come in about a hundred different sizes and shapes. I got some the other day and will be using them when I get around to cleaning out my office closet. And also when I get around to re-organizing the pantry. I think these labels might have just changed my life.

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Christina said...

You have been very productive! Oh and I love the Martha Stewart office supply line - wonderful!