Sunday, March 24, 2013

Slump we are nearing the end of March and I haven't posted anything here since the beginning of March. Huh. It's not that things haven't been happening. I have a "stack" of photos to edit and share along with stories. But I'm lacking motivation in the evenings to work on them at all. Client photos end up getting done but not mine. 

I think this all stems from a little burn-out I experienced at the end of last year. When the new year hit, I barely picked up my camera. I needed a break. So, I've been drinking green tea and watching a few episodes Gilmore Girls in the evenings the past few months instead of working on the computer. And it sort of became a habit (an awesome habit, if you ask me). 

I am slowly getting back into getting things done, but I still feel the pull of not doing anything. I'm working on striking a balance between being productive and taking time to relax a little. Seems like a familiar struggle that I might have mentioned (or at least felt) before (or all the time).

Anyway, new posts are coming up as I find the will to do them. Meanwhile, I stand incredulous at the fact that we are about to enter the month of April. Seriously? Nuts.

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Emily Cade said...

I feel you! I am trying to create a schedule and have actual work hours. It's hard to have disciplin to not work all the time! I don't know if you're familiar with Jasmine Star, but in this link she addresses her daily schedule. Thought you might find it helpful!!!

ps- we should go to WPPI together next year!!!