Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Shrine Circus

Back at the beginning of March, the boys and I went to the Shrine Circus with some friends. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted by the amazing clowns. They might have been my favorite part of the whole circus. They were so sweet and attentive to the boys and made them laugh so hard!

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Logan loved when the clown made his head "squeak." Ethan and Logan had never been around real clowns before so they were totally amazed by their costumes and funny tricks.

 photo IMG_7770_zpsec8a14db.jpg

Here's our whole crew...of all boys! Plus three clowns that suggested we take the photo! I love that we got the clown's walker in the photo too!

 photo IMG_7784_zps1748496e.jpg

The boys really did warm up quickly to the clowns especially considering that they looked so strange and were paying so much attention to them...but still, there were moments when I could tell they were still trying to decide if they were ok with clowns or not! Logan's unsure face betrays those thoughts, I think...

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And another fun clown offered to take a photo with us. Ethan was obviously (and inexplicably) not in the mood.

 photo IMG_7797_zps2f1c6305.jpg

We made our way to our seats after spending a good bit of time with the clowns. We soon discovered that this performance was not going to be packed...and we ended up moving closer to the middle of the arena and down toward the floor just a little bit. But here's a photo of everyone in our original seats.

 photo IMG_7827_zps6286e996.jpg

Ethan being silly...

 photo IMG_7844_zps12317112.jpg

Three boys and the best of friends. I am thankful for these little boys and their friendships.

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As per usual, Logan displayed a variety of emotions. For no apparent reason, he took off to the very end of the row and sat down on the concrete steps, much to my horror (they were gross). And then gave me that look. It made me laugh, which I don't think was what he was going for...

 photo IMG_7881-1_zpsdc5eb4b5.jpg

All set in our new seats, and the show began...I was able to catch a rare moment when a spotlight was on us. The rest of the photos during the show are SO grainy because it was completely dark. Just go with it. 

 photo IMG_7891_zpsef1e8758.jpg

First up were the tigers. The boys were interested in them, but this was in the ring that was the furthest away from us so they couldn't really see very well. But Ethan pointed out that they had a white tiger and he was impressed by that.

 photo IMG_7898_zps5ab5b305.jpg

 photo IMG_7904-1_zpsce2b2ef5.jpg

 photo IMG_7906_zps907bf354.jpg

There were some acrobatic performers...

 photo IMG_7923_zps1a94e44d.jpg

Logan loves Ms. Lindsay...and she is so sweet to cuddle him as much as he wants.

 photo IMG_7962_zps1e9639d4.jpg

Totally grainy, but I love the expressions...

 photo IMG_7967_zpsdbbf02c9.jpg

 photo IMG_7972_zpsde875855.jpg

 photo IMG_7984_zps858829cb.jpg

The elephant act was fun and the boys thought it was so funny that he walked on a barrel.

 photo IMG_8013_zps9ea46e03.jpg

They totally loved the dogs. It was a fast-paced act that they really enjoyed.

 photo IMG_8076_zps9223563d.jpg

Logan being silly (putting his sticker in his mouth)...

 photo IMG_8100_zps57fea3da.jpg

Hands down the boys' favorite act...the motorcycles. First, they drove around in circles in the metal ball...up to 5 motorcycles in there at once. And then the jumping...the boys absolutely loved it.

 photo IMG_8139_zpsbfb6fb6e.jpg

The finale was the human cannon ball...and that was a big hit with the boys too! We all had such a great time that morning. Now, it wasn't quite a Ringling Brothers caliber show, but it was tons of fun for their first circus...made even better by getting to experience it with friends.

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Lindsay said...

It was a blast. A great starter show. Thanks for taking pictures. Love you all bunches!