Friday, May 17, 2013

Last Day of Preschool | 2013

Another school year is in the books. Yesterday was the boys' last day of preschool. Ethan finished up his third and final year of preschool and Logan completed his first year. Of course I took a photo on our front porch just like I did the first day of school back in September last year. They have definitely grown (a lot)!

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They both had end-of-the-year parties at school and an early release so after we said our good-byes and loaded up the car with all their goodies from their teachers, we stopped at Sonic on the way home for orange slush drinks. This is a first for both of them. Nothing ushers in summer like a Sonic drink.

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I asked them whether they wanted orange or grape (keeping the choices down to two is always a good thing) and they both picked orange with no hesitation. I must have taught them should always be grape!

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Logan, who is not adventurous at all when it comes to food (that's an understatement), loved his slushie. He kept calling it "juice" and was so excited about it all.

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Ethan, however, still does not like cold things, apparently (and yes, that includes ice cream). He liked the flavor but it was too cold for him. I ended up letting it thaw out during nap time and he had some more later in the afternoon when it wasn't as icy.

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I am so excited about our summer. I used to be a summer girl...because school was out. So, obviously it was my favorite season. Then, after graduating from college, when the school year no longer mattered to me and I was in an office all day instead of at the swimming pool, I gave up on summer and switched to fall. Now, I have a feeling that summer is making a comeback in my book. We're on a school calendar again and there's just no denying that summers are magical times during childhood. And I love that!

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Mary said...

You know we LOVE summer at the Young house too! Can't wait for the swimming and fun!