Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Preschool Graduation and Program | 2013

Last Thursday night, the boys' preschool had their end of the year program and graduation for the 4 year olds. This year they did a Dr. Seuss theme and Logan's class (2 year olds) were the red fish and blue fish. They did a couple of precious fact, their song about fish was the cutest in the whole program, in my opinion!

 photo IMG_2299_zps71cabd5b.jpg

Logan (who can be shy) was really into the performance. He did (most of) the hand motions and singing.

 photo IMG_2293_zps0f8ebdf1.jpg

Then there were other times that he looked bored...

 photo IMG_2291_zps24b551d0.jpg

But he did have fun and was so cute.

 photo IMG_2302_zps319b2110.jpg

Even if he was a little tired...the yawn was not scripted but they were singing about taking a nap! (At this point, it was already 30 min past his normal bed time).

 photo IMG_2304_zps94b28b3e.jpg

He really loved his "blue fish" shirt.

 photo IMG_2313_zps95551b12.jpg

 photo IMG_2317_zps780f7ae0.jpg

The last group to perform during the program was Ethan's class...the 4 year olds. They have a tradition of having the 4 year olds come in driving battery-powered cars and the kids think it is the coolest thing ever.

 photo IMG_2327_zps27c68276.jpg

Ethan got to be the driver and he was very excited about it despite the face he's making here.

 photo IMG_2336_zps14aeb083.jpg

He spotted daddy and gave a wave before quickly gripping the wheel again so he didn't veer off course!

 photo IMG_2340_zps8dea03cd.jpg

Ethan's class were Whos from Whoville. They could dress up like a regular Who or they could be a specific type of Who (like a policeman/woman, doctor, firefighter, etc.).

 photo IMG_2348_zps5d09f8e8.jpg

Ethan decided to be a fireman Who. We added the red bowtie just for some Who-whimsy. Ethan, as always, did the hand motions and sang along to all the words.

 photo IMG_2361_zps13149413.jpg

 photo IMG_2366_zps109ed15d.jpg

However, this was the first year that he looked nervous to be in front of that many people. In years past, he was not really aware of the audience, but this year he definitely was. He did great, but he was just not as expressive or exuberant in his performance.

 photo IMG_2346_zps28112912.jpg

He did smile a few times, though. I think he had fun.

 photo IMG_2373_zps623e51f5.jpg

Then after the program, the 4 year olds went to change into their graduation robes so they could get their preschool diplomas. Let me pause for a moment and recognize the relative ridiculousness that is celebrating preschool graduation. But, whatever...they're cute and it is a milestone in their lives. I can hardly believe Ethan is done with preschool...I still remember his very first day when he was two. And here he is walking very purposefully up to the stage...

 photo IMG_2381_zps5fc6a8e2.jpg

...where he was handed his diploma by his two sweet and amazing teachers, Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Kim. Ethan really loved school this year and I know that is due in large part to these two ladies.

 photo IMG_2383_zpsf0535a6f.jpg

And just like that, he's done with preschool.

 photo IMG_2392_zpsa93f4172.jpg

 photo IMG_2397_zps7c033773.jpg

The Cat in the Hat was the MC of the program and graduation and Ethan was lucky enough to give him a high (actually, low) five. It was a highlight for him.

 photo IMG_2407_zps7f3ac6cb.jpg

Then the 4 year old graduates did their last song.

 photo IMG_2418_zps1ddbe00a.jpg

 photo IMG_2420_zpsdcca781a.jpg

Ethan was a proud little boy, that's for sure. He told us that next year, when he's in Kindergarten, he will go to school FIVE days a week just like daddy at work.

 photo IMG_2427_zps11b72203.jpg

Mimi and Pop were there to see the boys' program and Ethan's fact, they kept Logan busy while I was watching/photographing Ethan and Casey was video taping the whole thing.

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Mary said...

When Max walked across the stage this year for graduation they said what each child wanted to be when they grow up. It was so cute. One guy wanted to be a "chicken express fryer-guy!" Ha! Max said he wanted to be a Daddy. *insert tears*

Lindsay said...

What a super cute program! Wow! Creativity to the fullest. Great family pic with Ethan - super cute smile. Logan was precious also. So exciting and all of it is too cute for words. Oh and I love the pic of Ethan driving in and your dad looking at him so proudly. That is the good stuff life is made of.