Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Today was a sweet day of my boys (and daddy) making me feel special. Actually, it started yesterday because we do the bulk of our Mother's Day stuff on the Saturday before Mother's Day. Much more time and less stress than a Sunday. 

I didn't pull out my "big" camera or even my iPhone today...but I got a few photos nonetheless. The point and shoot cameras really came through for me today. Thanks to my mom for this first one of me and my boys at lunch after church.

 photo DSCN1075_zps659cdcea.jpg

And then a couple more at home after naps (and in our lounge clothes). Ethan is king of the fake smile these days, but that's ok. Lately I've been getting glimpses of his thoughtfulness that make me so proud. He loves to make things for and celebrate others.

 photo P5120004_zpsd1732ab4.jpg

These two...though they make me crazy sometimes...are two of the greatest gifts in my life. I am so thankful for them and honored to be their mama.

 photo P5120006_zps5b2326e3.jpg

And as for my own mom...she really is the best mom and Mimi there is. I know the boys would agree. She is my best friend and I still learn from her all the time. Although I wish she had passed down her thick hair to me, but I guess that was sort of out of her control.

 photo scan0058_zpsb752123b.jpg

 photo scan0054_zps8698ff87.jpg

I hope all of her mom-skills have rubbed off on me a little. The crazy thing about moms is that (like I said before), they continue to teach you even when you have children of your own. And I honestly think (actually, I know) that she takes care of me just as much now as she did when I was little.

 photo scan0053_zps90364d03.jpg

And then somehow, I was blessed with a wonderful and truly amazing mother-in-law. She raised a son that I am so very thankful for. I am writing down notes on how she cares for us so that I can be just like her with my own sons and their families. She will probably kill me for posting this photo (and Casey will too), but isn't it just awesome!?

 photo Scan10141_zpsc44f809b.jpg

Donna is the best Nonnie to the boys there ever was. She makes them feel so special. And I'm pretty sure she would do just about anything for them. Really.

 photo IMG_7635_zps43bf1697.jpg

 photo IMG_7268_zpsc865dce5.jpg

I love being a mom. And I'm so thankful I've had the opportunity. It has defined a large part of my life in profound and wonderful ways. This year, more than any year before, I am aware of those whose dreams of motherhood haven't come true or who grieve losses of moms or children on this day. One thing that I think is true about is joy and sorrow mixed together, lived and felt at the same time.


Unknown said...

LOVE the old photos of your mom. Glad you enjoyed a special day with your boys. They are blessed to call you Mom.

Michelle Horton said...

I love the picture of you and your Mom! Very sweet memories!!