Sunday, July 14, 2013

Logan's First Swim Lessons | 2013

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This was Logan's first year to take swim lessons. We started him at the same age (3) as we did with Ethan. And I felt like his first day was one big flashback to Ethan's very first swim lesson in 2011. He screamed and cried throughout his entire first lesson and I had to hide from view, which is exactly what I did two years ago with Ethan. This time, though, I had a little more confidence that my littlest fish would perk up the second day and he did. Every once in a while he would be a stinker, but Ms. Stacy and Ms. Jennifer didn't take any nonsense from him!

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Both of Logan's teachers were smitten with him. I am not kidding. They loved that kid. But he worked really hard for them and made a lot of progress this year toward swimming on his own.

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This is probably the most cluttered photo ever, but somewhere in there Logan is practicing his back float with Ms. Stacy. They sing a song to them while they're floating there and when the song is done, they can turn back over.

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Here's Logan reaching for some underwater treasure before getting back up on the steps.

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Just like big brother, Logan loves the flippers.

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These ladies were able to get my stubborn second-born child do do just about anything. They were amazing. And this is why I do not teach my own kids how to swim.

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Despite crying all during his first lesson, Logan had plenty of charming smiles during the rest of his two weeks of lessons.

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Practicing blowing bubbles and swimming with his head down.

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Logan's lessons were right after Ethan's (because I made sure I was one of the first to register them so I could get back-to-back classes). So after his lessons, Ethan got to swim some more and just play while Logan was taking his lessons. Mostly, he repeatedly jumped into the pool.

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He also practiced swimming all the way across the pool and back.

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Meanwhile, Logan reached with his little hand for the side of the pool so he can pull himself out. That is one skill (pulling himself out) that Ethan had to learn and Logan just did on day one.

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Then, at the very end of each class, Logan's favorite part (just like his brother)...jumping. It sort of looks like he's about to walk on water here...

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I am so proud of how hard Logan worked this year and how he tried so many new things. He definitely became more brave in the water. Soon he'll be swimming along with Ethan.

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