Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ethan's First Day of Kindergarten

This year Ethan started Kindergarten! His first day was August 13...a day I've been thinking about since he was born. I know that sounds weird, but I really did think about how these little baby, toddler, and preschool years would go by in a flash. And here we are.

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I thought he looked so handsome and big in his uniform and backpack. It was his idea to take a photo by the sign that his new school put in our yard.

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When we got to school, they had these photo frames hanging up in the hallways for photos...I thought it was a really cute idea.

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As we walked down the hallway to his classroom, there was a moment where I thought, "Wait! There's been a terrible mistake. He's too little! He can't go to Kindergarten yet!" But, it passed as soon as it came because we were not as early that morning as I would have liked. Nothing like rushing around to make you forget your emotions on a big day!

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On meet the teacher day the weekend before, Ethan had found his cubby where he would put his backpack. So, here he is getting himself settled and unpacked.

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Mrs. Mida took a photo of our whole family for us. This was a big day for all of us...each in different ways.

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Ethan is blessed (and we are too) to have a wonderful, amazing teacher this year. Mrs. Mida is actually a family friend. She and I grew up together at the same church so she knows Mimi and Pop too. We seriously feel so lucky to have her this year. Not just because we know he is in good hands throughout his day and it makes leaving him easier, but because she is a very talented and loving teacher.

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Ethan found his seat and got to work with the play-doh project. The fact that he was not only ready for this, but actually excited about it, made this transition for all of us so much easier.

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A hug for daddy...

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And one for mommy too...

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And of course, Logan. They hugged each other every day last year at preschool before drop-off and they still do it this year in the drop-off line. Sometimes, they are so sweet to each other.

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Mrs. Mida's classroom is decorated with a circus theme...such a fun room. This was our last glimpse before heading out the door.

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When we got back to the car there were some tears on my part (although less than I thought). I have thought a lot about what makes this step into school such a big deal for moms. On the one hand, they are just growing up and we never want that! Some moms may worry about their kid during the day...if they're all right and such. But that is not me. I actually don't worry about that at all. I know Ethan is fine and any challenges he meets will be a learning opportunity for him. The main thing for me is that he is no longer at home with me. We don't spend most of our time together. There are no more spontaneous trips to the park, the zoo, the Arboretum, or just random movie afternoons. That is what I mourn the most...and still do.

Of course, I also mourn the losses of sleeping in until 7, staying in pajamas whenever we want, not making lunches, etc.

Logan and I kept ourselves busy during the day that first day. We did a little shopping and lunch with Mimi, came home for a nap (for Logan!), and then it was time to go get our big boy. 
Logan didn't get a lot of time to miss Ethan that day because we weren't home a lot, but he did ask about him all day. Since then, I've discovered that Logan is such a great independent player. He loves going into the playroom and will play in there with the toys for hours. He probably loves the fact that he has it all to himself and he can decide what to play for once! But, he really does miss his big brother too. They are always so glad to see each other in the afternoon. And I have noticed that when they play together in the afternoons or on the weekends, they are able to do it so much more sweetly than before when they spent every waking hour together.

When we picked Ethan up, he was so excited to tell us about his day and everything they did. He loved it. And he still does (thank goodness). We took our new Kindergartener to Sonic for a treat (cherry slush) on the way home to celebrate his great day.

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Unknown said...

i can't believe how big he is! Even though he's only 1 year behind Lucas in school, I think of him as sooo much younger than Lucas. But no, he's a big Kindergartener now!