Thursday, December 12, 2013

Let It Snow

My boys wish for snow all the time. I love the white stuff since it only visits our part of the country on a very limited basis. But I know it's fun for them. That's why I decided to switch up my background for our "Christmas portraits" this year. I made paper snowflakes. It may be the only snow we see this year. And truthfully, it was so much fun. I can't remember the last time I cut out paper snow flakes. But I know that the last time I did it I was probably using safety scissors and not following the types of patterns I did this time (found online).

The boys loved them. They didn't actually hang in the right place for the photos like I wanted, but the boys were doing so well with the photo shoot that I didn't want to stop and adjust them. 

 photo IMG_7477_zps723d7984.jpg

I am not sure if I just got lucky or if they were just happy to be wearing their Santa pajamas...or if they were looking forward to the marshmallows I promised them. But, whatever the reason, they actually cooperated and I love these photos of my two Christmas cuties.

 photo IMG_7497_zps905d0a98.jpg

 photo IMG_7483_zps5b3a61c6.jpg

 photo IMG_7514_zps3b0ff6d8.jpg

They were actually hamming it up and having a great time.

 photo IMG_7519_zpsaf496635.jpg

 photo IMG_7548_zps912fee7d.jpg

 photo IMG_7552_zps9ccf91cc.jpg

I thought that adding some hot chocolate to this snowy backdrop would be fun, but you know I didn't actually give them hot chocolate. For one thing, they won't drink it (I know!) and also, I'm not and hot brown liquid do not mix with photos OR my furry white rug.

 photo IMG_7507_zps24ee56e4.jpg

So I gave them mugs full of marshmallows and told them to pretend to drink. I think they did a decent job at acting!

 photo IMG_7504_zpsc17089ec.jpg

And then, of course, the marshmallows were a built-in reward.

 photo IMG_7569_zpsc8580060.jpg

Told you they were hamming it up!

 photo IMG_7582_zps50b0bbae.jpg


Anonymous said...

These turned out awesome!

Colleen said...

Catching up on my reading. These are freaking adorable!! love all of them.

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