Friday, April 18, 2014

Bluebonnets | 2014

It seems like we waited a while for the bluebonnets to bloom this year, but I think they're actually right on time. We had such a cold winter (and are still having cold days here and there) that maybe they were slow this year. All I know is that I kept looking for them in my usual field near our house. And they never showed up. That field is still not blooming so it's officially a dud this year...after who knows how many years of thick blankets of bluebonnets. I have no idea what happened. But thankfully, a friend (thanks, Melody!) shared her field that is a little further from home, but not too far. And that's where we went this year to get our photos. 

First, I am not sure it will be evident from the photos just how crazy my boys were on this evening at the bluebonnet field. They were so excited about all the flowers that they just kept running around like maniacs. My mom and I had to work hard to keep them from photo-bombing anyone else and also to make them come and sit for photos. Of course, they were still pulling antics when they sat down...

 photo IMG_2270_zps911d2cc9.jpg

Honestly, I was a little surprised when I went through the photos at home that I came away with any good ones. It was that kind of night. But I should know by now that you always get more than you think. Some were actually pretty sweet and cute.

 photo IMG_2285_zps4ce4982e.jpg

This field was pretty great. The bluebonnets were nice and thick and there were trees on one side, which is nice. (I still missed our other field, but this was a good back-up.)

 photo IMG_2294_zps3a0d0f8d.jpg

 photo IMG_2343_zpsb34e7fee.jpg

 photo IMG_2399_zpsc5b54b80.jpg

I had my mom snap a couple of me with the boys. One of the things I noticed immediately was that they were lucky to have short hair that didn't blow like crazy in the wind. It was pretty windy and gusty that evening, but you wouldn't know it by the boys' photos.

 photo IMG_2434_zpsdedfa018.jpg

We took a couple with Mimi too...who was nice enough to come along and corral the boys with me, hold my reflector, and hand out "picture treats" (that's what Logan calls my smarties that I give them for smiles).

 photo IMG_2447_zpsef512a39.jpg

 photo IMG_2464_zps4f41627a.jpg

 photo IMG_2548_zps06834460.jpg

 photo IMG_2534a_zps61a0c5d6.jpg

 photo IMG_2579_zps7c1e8109.jpg

 photo IMG_2585_zps5057a370.jpg

 photo IMG_2452_zps2cf2bf94.jpg

 photo IMG_2455_zpsf45b4f74.jpg


Mary said...

Was it the field in Garland?

Colleen said...

ahhh so beautiful!! makes me want to come there just for some pictures : )