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A Day in Our Life: April 2014

I am overdue for another "Day in Our Life" post. I like to do one about once a year. In the course of photographing our day, I get to shoot all those things that I never think to shoot. So, I end up with real memories of our ordinary days. You can see previous "Day in Our Life" posts here. I started them when Ethan was about 1 year old.

This time I decided to get this done before school ended because the school year is the majority of our year. And with Ethan being in Kindergarten this year, it changed our schedule quite a bit. I also chose a day that Logan was home from preschool because those are the majority of our days too...he only goes to school twice a week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

On this particular day, I got up around 6:50 or so and brushed my teeth, put on some clothes, and slapped a hat on. This is what I wear 90% of weekdays that Logan stays home.  I think it goes without saying, but I don't have makeup on either. I would have to get up a little earlier to shower and dry my hair before school...but why?

 photo IMG_3697_zpsd8dd0295.jpg

Then, I go upstairs to get Ethan started on getting ready for school. He is playing on his iPad (one of our old ones). He gets to do this in the mornings after a certain time (so he doesn't just wake up super early to do it) but before I want him to wake me up!

 photo IMG_3699_zpsbb1510b1.jpg

Because he's already awake, he gets up quickly and starts getting dressed. I labeled his dresser a long time ago, but he would know where things are anyway. He pretty much picks out his clothes and gets dressed by himself every day. It helps that he wears a uniform! (I love uniforms, by the way.)

 photo IMG_3701_zps6b84ce67.jpg

After Ethan's on a roll, I go over to Logan's room to see if I need to wake him up. Nope...he's already awake and just relaxing in bed. He does this a lot. After a certain point he will get up, but he likes to take it easy in the mornings!

 photo IMG_3703_zps3a06025a.jpg

Sometimes, if Logan is still asleep, I will leave him at home while I take Ethan to school. Casey is getting ready for work during this time so it works out for me to do this. I like that I don't have to wake him up. But today, he gets up and starts getting ready with me. He used to give me the hardest time about going to the bathroom (anytime). But I have figured out how to work with his personality (at least for now). I tell him that there's no way he needs to go to the bathroom. Then he will say, "no, mama! I really need to go." So there. Mission accomplished. Stinker.

 photo IMG_3708_zps39037806.jpg

After Logan is dressed (it is my mission this summer to get him to dress himself!), we go downstairs and I open Duke's crate and feed him. He likes to stay in there for a while. Like Logan, he lingers in bed in the mornings.

 photo IMG_3712_zpsc953b5e1.jpg

Ethan comes down stairs and puts a sticker on the calendar to mark off today's date. We are counting down to our trip to Disneyland! (Only 8 days left!).  Today is a Friday (April 25) so Ethan gets to wear "spirit" wear to school today.

 photo IMG_3720_zps24042f23.jpg

Since both boys are dressed, we all head into my bathroom to fix their hair. They are pretty sweet brothers.

 photo IMG_3723_zps1e7486c9.jpg

Duke has finally decided to get up this morning and follows us into the bathroom. He always lays on the carpet like that. I guess because it is soft.

 photo IMG_3728_zps81396921.jpg

Hair is combed and fixed for both boys and Ethan is putting on some chapstick because it seems like his lips are perpetually chapped.

 photo IMG_3726_zpsc62ab852.jpg

Not to be left out, Logan puts some on too...and on his hand. He always does this. I think it's so he can smell it. This particular stick smells like cotton candy.

 photo IMG_3733_zps5b473d42.jpg

Ethan takes a minute to play with Duke and say hello.

 photo IMG_3737_zps3cc022a4.jpg

Then, we all head back into the kitchen and Ethan lets Duke outside.

 photo IMG_3750_zps1ae21a44.jpg

And packs his backpack. He has to get his folders from their spot on the island. He puts the folders in a bin in our kitchen when he unpacks his backpack after school. Sometime in the evening (or in the morning!) I check his folders for things I need to sign, look at, or keep at home. Then I put the folders on the island for him to pack in the morning. He also has to grab his lunch, snack, and water bottle for the day. I usually pack his lunch and snack the evening before, but honestly, that has not been happening as much lately, so I have to do it in the morning. It's the end-of-school laziness that sets in.

 photo IMG_3761_zps5163b62f.jpg

Duke is ready to come back in and the boys argue over who gets to open the door for him. (Seriously? Sigh.) Also, they are getting so tall. I don't like it.

 photo IMG_3763_zps036443cc.jpg

Duke is back inside and I remind Ethan about getting their vitamins for the day. He finds the jar in the pantry.

 photo IMG_3766_zpsb7125c53.jpg

And he and Logan begin their ritual of deciding which character to eat that day. They have to pick the same one (their rules, not mine!). And strangely, they never argue about this. They just decide and find two that are alike.

 photo IMG_3771_zpsab9ad9ba.jpg

 photo IMG_3776_zps66066910.jpg

Ethan is all ready for school and because it is already time to leave, I make their breakfast "to-go" so they can eat it in the car. Again, this is not something I used to do toward the beginning of school. We are getting up a little later than we used to around here!

 photo IMG_3777_zps90a81a69.jpg

Logan is all ready with his pancakes that Mimi and Pop made. They brought some over for Easter and I froze the extras. Pancakes are Logan's favorite food, which is why "pancake" is my mom's nickname for him.

 photo IMG_3790_zps366aeb3c.jpg

When we step outside, the trash truck is there picking up our trash. This is about 7:35am. If I didn't have that trash bin out the night before, we would miss our pick-up. The recycling truck comes later in the day.

 photo IMG_3792_zps84596627.jpg

Of course, after I turned around from snapping a quick photo of the truck, this is what I saw. Two boys watching the truck, mesmerized. I also noticed that Ethan is helping Logan by carrying his water for him. Logan is definitely spoiled by his sweet big brother.

 photo IMG_3797_zps47db6782.jpg

After the truck is on it's way, the boys load themselves into the car. After all the strapping and bucking, we can be on our way too.

 photo IMG_3805_zps014ada33.jpg

Our drive to school is about 15 minutes and pretty easy. When we get to school, Ethan prepares for drop off by getting out of his seat and putting on his backpack. And every single day, he gives me and Logan a hug before he gets out. Without fail. This is a lousy photo, but there he his brother a hug (and sometimes a kiss too).

 photo IMG_3818_zpsc4658afb.jpg

By the time we pull up to the front of the building, he is all ready to get out.

 photo IMG_3821_zps5d2ddea0.jpg

And after he hops out, he always waves goodbye to us. I just love that.

 photo IMG_3823_zpsff716917.jpg

Logan and I drive back home and head inside.

 photo IMG_3828_zpsbc6f4db6.jpg

He goes upstairs to play (and I follow to take photos). This kid is seriously good at playing by himself. Just like his big brother. They love playing together too...but I think Logan sometimes just loves having all the toys to himself. He gets wrapped up in whatever he's doing instantly. I think he may have even forgotten I was there.

 photo IMG_3830_zpsf556e320.jpg

I love to eavesdrop on his playing sessions...he says the funniest things.

 photo IMG_3834_zps6bc951ec.jpg

At some point, I slip away and go take a shower while Logan continues to play. Then, Casey is ready to leave for work so he calls Logan down to say goodbye. It's probably about 8:30am at this point.

 photo IMG_3851_zps2bcc487e.jpg

 photo IMG_3853_zps83c75dbc.jpg

Goodbye hugs.

 photo IMG_3864_zpsaefb924f.jpg

Duke and Logan wait by the door to wave to daddy as he leaves. It only takes Casey about 7-8 minutes to get to and from work, which we love.

 photo IMG_3872_zps01492196.jpg

Right after Casey is out of the driveway, Logan is at the back door putting his shoes on to go outside.

 photo IMG_3892_zpsc3efc9f5.jpg

The new tractor is still a big hit. Logan, who loves tractors in general, especially gets a kick out of it.

 photo IMG_3913_zps5ad71387.jpg

And because I'm out there for a while, I throw the ball for Duke. He loves to play catch. Loves it. He runs at top speed too. He's still got a lot of energy...he turns 1 this month (May). We have no idea of his actual birthday since he is a rescue dog, but we are planning to just decide on a day because the boys want to celebrate it. Me? I could do without doggy birthdays. But they love it, so I will do it.

 photo IMG_3920_zps9bef794c.jpg

This kid's smile is like kryptonite for me. I love it. He's a cutie.

 photo IMG_3937_zps073f5731.jpg

Logan has loved this little lawn mower since he was a little toddler. It used to talk and make noises (very loud, annoying noises) until he dunked it in our inflatable pool last summer. But, he still plays with it all the time even without the sound effects.

 photo IMG_3944_zpsb8295887.jpg

And the rocket launcher. A favorite because that thing can really fly when you hit it just right. The thing's really hard for the boys to hit it just right. They can make it launch, just not very high. So, right after I took this photo, I stepped in and stepped on the launcher myself. And, of course, the rocket went high up in the air...and landed right on the roof. Not balancing on the very tip top step of the ladder to reach the rocket. We moved it further away from the house after that.

 photo IMG_3962_zps53318ff2.jpg

Logan played for a little longer until he remembered what he was doing upstairs and wanted to go back to it.

 photo IMG_3983_zpsadaa0f4f.jpg

With him settled upstairs in the playroom, I went downstairs to check my email and start editing some photos. In this case, our Easter photos. My desk and office are kind of a mess right now since I don't have a proper desk. And no filing system (which is driving me nuts).

 photo IMG_3989_zps1515cae0.jpg

Duke is worn out from running around outside with Logan. He likes to stretch out on the floor in my of the only carpeted rooms downstairs (our closet is the other one).

 photo IMG_3991_zps0a97507c.jpg

After a while Logan asks if he can have a snack and watch a show. So, I go upstairs with a granola bar (his favorite are the Kashi dark chocolate ones) and put on a Backyardigans DVD. We don't have cable hooked up to the TV in the playroom so we use DVDs up there. It's worked great so far.

 photo IMG_4005_zps6410459a.jpg

As I was about to leave, I saw his leg kicked out like that and I thought it was funny. He always brings his blue chair from his room into the playroom when he watches TV.

 photo IMG_4012_zpse6da7046.jpg

We still love the Backyardigans around here. I am going to miss that show when the boys are no longer interested in it.

 photo IMG_4019_zpsc7531760.jpg

Duke has found another "carpet" to nap on. This one is a $12 beauty from Target because he totally ruined the one I had ordered from Ballard Designs for this space. It was a looped rug and he loves to tear out the individual loops with his teeth. Good grief, dog. This is why we can't have nice things.

 photo IMG_4021_zps819299f6.jpg

During Logan's show, I continue editing photos. He pops downstairs after the first show is over and asks if he can watch another. And have lunch. Usually we sit down at the table together and have lunch. But sometimes we have picnics. I let him take his lunch (peanut butter sandwich and pirate's booty) upstairs so he can watch another show.

 photo IMG_4029_zps811512da.jpg

Meanwhile, Duke has moved from the rug to the chair. Naps are like a job to him. And he's pretty good at them.

 photo IMG_4036_zps04d4c6ed.jpg

Speaking of naps, shortly after Logan finishes his lunch and show, it's time for rest time. (It's probably around 12:30pm). He rarely actually sleeps anymore. And when he does, it affects his night time sleep. So, we do rest time like Ethan has been doing for a while. He gets to play on the iPad during rest time. Or play quietly with toys in his room, color, read, or any other quiet activity. I have him stay in there for about a hour to an hour and a half. The down-time is good for both of us.

 photo IMG_4039_zps553df6da.jpg

When I come down after tucking Logan in bed, Duke is waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. We keep the stairs gated so he can't go upstairs.

 photo IMG_4050_zps7a0322ae.jpg

Today, I use rest time to keep editing. Big surprise. And when he's done with resting, Logan pops into my office with a big smile.

 photo IMG_4071_zps81114915.jpg

Logan and I keep the laundry going in the laundry room that I started that morning. He loves to help me transfer the clothes, push the buttons, and turn the knobs. We are working on him loving the folding and putting away. But I can't blame him...those are my least favorite parts too!

 photo IMG_4057_zps5d22ea7f.jpg

Before we know it, it is 2:45 and time to go get Ethan. At some point, Logan usually breaks down into tears over something. I don't even know what he was upset about in this photo. It's just a normal thing for us. He is an emotional child.

 photo IMG_4079_zps2e65bc18.jpg

In the pick-up line, I have our sign (that has our last name on it) attached to my passenger side visor so all I have to do is flip it down for the teachers to see. They say "Cooke" over the walkie-talkie and then Ethan heads out to his pick up spot. They are really very efficient about it. And by the time I pull up, he is there waiting to get in the car. By the way, I love watching him run out of the building every day. He always runs.

 photo IMG_4093_zpse959d8d2.jpg

On the way home we briefly talk about his day and what they did at school. I am so thankful that he loves school this year. When we get home, he unpacks his backpack and changes into play clothes (and shoes, which is what he's doing here). On Fridays its not quite as necessary, and sometimes he plays in his uniform. But usually I like for him to change.

 photo IMG_4110_zpsd0b5639e.jpg

One of the boys asked if they could have popsicles because this was a nice day (not cold like many have been this spring).

 photo IMG_4119_zps57d579ae.jpg

They have taken to eating their popsicles in the fort because otherwise a certain dog likes to get in a lick or two.

 photo IMG_4122_zps6f5d0a3e.jpg

 photo IMG_4127_zps280308e4.jpg

After playing outside for a bit, they move inside to the playroom. They add to the mess Logan has already made that day.

 photo IMG_4139_zps585bd976.jpg

It's hit or miss when these two play together in the afternoons. Usually in the mornings they are pretty great. And sometimes they are great in the afternoon too. But other times their tiredness gets the best of them and they fight. They are champions at fighting. Today, they just played, thank goodness.

 photo IMG_4145_zpsbda3afda.jpg

One of them came downstairs saying they were hungry and spotted Duke, who was back on the chair for another nap. They immediately attacked. Poor dog. They do love him, though.

 photo IMG_4158_zpsfef13901.jpg

Of course, Duke got up from his nap since his best friends wanted to play. They began friendly enough.

 photo IMG_4160_zpsa3194474.jpg

And then things devolved. There was fighting about who was hogging Duke and who could pet Duke's head. I decided it was time for dinner.

 photo IMG_4165_zpsa0870329.jpg

Since this was a Friday night, we had plans to have a movie night like we often do on weekends. And a favorite movie food is pizza, of course. Sometimes we order delivery. But tonight we went homemade. The boys helped me grate the cheese. Or they watched, actually. Because even I sometimes cut myself grating cheese.

 photo IMG_4181_zpsbadc9930.jpg

With less than 8 days left before our trip to Disneyland, we decided on a Disney classic for our movie. Thanks to Mimi's extensive Disney collection, we got our hands on Snow White, which the boys had never seen.

 photo IMG_4183_zps4f0fc1a0.jpg

This part the boys did help with...adding the tiny bit of sauce they like on their pizzas. And spreading it around.

 photo IMG_4192_zps7e646707.jpg

Then the fun part...adding the cheese. And that completes their pizza assembly because they are crazy and just like cheese on theirs.

 photo IMG_4195_zpsde968ef8.jpg

Pizzas are done and ready to bake...good timing because Daddy is home! It's about 5:30, which is actually pretty early for him. But he comes home a little earlier on Fridays, which we love. First he says hello to Duke who faithfully greets him every day.

 photo IMG_4198_zps6bb357d1.jpg

Then he immediately washes his hands (not because of Duke...he's always done this).

 photo IMG_4201_zpsfd16211c.jpg

And then it's big hugs for the boys.

 photo IMG_4203_zpse8e5e55e.jpg

And some silliness too...

 photo IMG_4206_zps3ea3f8e1.jpg

 photo IMG_4208_zps51c3d664.jpg

We all follow daddy into the closet because he's got some new shoes for our trip. And he needs to change clothes.

 photo IMG_4218_zps37b8f72e.jpg

Logan gives me a giant hug, like he does.

 photo IMG_4220_zps88807519.jpg

He also likes to get in your face like this to talk.

 photo IMG_4224_zps3ec56af5.jpg

Then, for some reason, Ethan piles on top of us. I do not usually wrestle with the's not my thing.

 photo IMG_4230_zps5a78c747.jpg

But Ethan hops on my back for just a minute.

 photo IMG_4233_zps637d5078.jpg

Then he asks me to lay down so he can jump over me. Funny request, but I did it.

 photo IMG_4243_zpsa0891251.jpg

When we were done with antics in the closet, we put the pizzas into the oven to bake and got the movie set up. When we watch a movie together and eat dinner, we get the dinner trays out for the boys. They love having a "picnic" in the living room. You'd think they would complain about sitting on the hard floor (we used to have carpet in the living room in the other house), but they do not care.

 photo IMG_4245_zps17f80a6c.jpg

After they finish eating, we all pile onto the couch to finish the movie.

 photo IMG_4256_zpsc5bf3fea.jpg

Usually we would have taken a bath or shower earlier in the evening, but it's Friday and movie the boys take a shower when the movie is done.

 photo IMG_4261_zps3570913f.jpg

Since we've moved into our new house and have a little bigger shower, that's pretty much all they want to do. It works for me. It's an easy way to get them clean.

 photo IMG_4264_zps827af791.jpg

After the quick shower, everyone goes upstairs to brush teeth and get dressed in PJ's.

 photo IMG_4273_zpsaa825758.jpg

I help Logan get dressed and he talks to me like he always does. Sometimes it seems like that child does not stop talking. He has had a lot to say from the time he was a little baby.

 photo IMG_4289_zps19e25f7f.jpg

We are still reading through the Magic Tree House books. Sometimes Logan comes into Ethan's room to listen to the chapters. Or sometimes I read separately to him in his bed.

 photo IMG_4302_zpsd6979714.jpg

After reading, and prayers, and maybe a few songs, both boys are tucked into their beds and it's lights out. Usually they fall asleep pretty quickly. They play hard!

 photo IMG_4318_zps7a8a023a.jpg

After they're in bed, Casey and I might watch a few shows together. But tonight he's watching the Rangers game so I head back to my office to edit's a job that never ends. Duke usually sleeps in my office when I'm in there in the evenings. Sometimes I will head to bed to watch a little TV in bed before I go to sleep. Or I will read a little. Depends on what I feel like doing. 

We are pretty much settled into our new routines in this house. It's funny how a new home changes things ever so slightly and you have to adjust. Summer is upon us now...and that will change our routine a lot!

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