Friday, May 23, 2014

Logan's Preschool Program | 2014

Last week Logan's preschool put on their annual end of year program. This year it was a farm/western theme. Logan got to wear his beloved cowboy boots and hat. The hat would prove to be a bit of a mistake as we'll see later. But he was a super-cute cowboy!

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The stage was so cute with a big barn, animals, and balloon clouds. These are the two 3 year old classes. They performed three songs together. Logan is on the far left on the second row.

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He did a great job during the first song. He sang all the words and did most of the motions.

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Logan loves to sing so this is right up his alley. And he acted like he didn't even care that he was in front of a lot of people.

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During the second song, he pretty much messed with his hat the whole time. Both of his teachers (pictured in the black shirts) had to tell him to stop. Oh, Logan. I wonder if they put the teachers down there because they anticipated this?

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By the third song he finally quit playing with his hat and went back to wholeheartedly singing. It really was a cute little program and we seriously loved watching him perform.

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Right after the show we got a family shot by Mimi and Pop, who were also there to watch. Notice that Ethan had to wear his Woody shirt and boots. He too loves to dress up as a cowboy and does not miss an opportunity. But, he thoughtfully left his hat behind at home so that people behind him could see. This was such a fun night watching what Logan has been practicing at school for months. We were all proud of him.

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