Sunday, June 01, 2014

Disneyland 2014: Plane Rides

Posting about our Disneyland trip is, admittedly, a little daunting. I usually do a day-by-day photo tour of our trips, but I think I'm going to do things a little differently with our Disneyland trip this time. I'm going to post my favorite photos thematically.

This post is all about the plane rides to and from California. This is noteworthy because it was both of the boys' first time to ride in an airplane (if you don't count that one time that Ethan was 2 months old and completely unaware of his surroundings).

All things considered, it went really well. They were great and had a great time on the planes...Except that Logan threw up once on each flight during the descent. Poor thing. I wondered if he would get air sick because he is so prone to car sickness. And yes, he did. Both times I had the white bag out and ready for him so there was no mess. After emptying his stomach, he felt fine and was right back to his usual self. We will have to address this next time we fly, obviously. 

This is our whole crew at the airport in Dallas. Mimi went with us on our trip.

 photo IMG_5618_zpsa6e98a41.jpg

The boys were thrilled at seeing our plane as well as other planes taxiing around on the ground before take-off. As I mentioned, this was all new to them, and they were so excited.

 photo IMG_5620_zpsad19b584.jpg

Each row had three seats on each side of the plane. Mimi, Logan and I sat in a row with Logan by the window so he could see out.

 photo IMG_5635_zps9e274968.jpg

Casey and Ethan sat in the row right in front of us with Ethan in the window seat. I have more photos of Logan on the plane because he was sitting right next to me on both flights.

 photo IMG_5632_zps0301c18b.jpg

Both boys were really quiet and good on the flight. I had packed their little backpacks full of snacks and new activities to keep them busy. The snacks went largely untouched because I also packed their ipads (old ones of ours). These kept them busy the whole time. We threw out our normal time limits, which was such a treat for them.

 photo IMG_5626_zps9e5b49b2.jpg

 photo IMG_5628_zps01eaa56b.jpg

Casey took this one (out of focus - sorry babe, but it is) photo of Ethan for me. Both boys got orange juice during the beverage service and thought that was a super treat too.

 photo IMG_5631_zpsd311b9a8.jpg

They also brought along their headphones for those games which require sound. Logan's were Mike Wazowski headphones.

 photo IMG_3867_zps5391af31.jpg

And Ethan had picked Sully headphones.

 photo IMG_3878_zpsd3807fb3.jpg

Busy as a bee playing games.

 photo IMG_3879_zps9e770512.jpg

We arrived in California (and back home in Dallas) with little incident (minus the throwing up part). The boys also thought the baggage carousel was entertaining. It was fun to see traveling through their eyes!

 photo IMG_5643_zpsbb72fcfb.jpg

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